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Customers Love Discounts & Promotions

Give users something instantly for engaging with your brand.

A 2010 study by ExactTarget found that over 40% of users follow brands via email & social media purely to recieve discounts or special offers.

Our rewards widget allows you to completely control how you give that discount out to your customers.

How does this help you?

This means you don't have to give discounts out for free anymore, you can tailor discounts or promotions to users that perform specific actions or are engaged with you on certain channels (i.e. mailing lists).

2000+ satisifed clients

The live example campaign to the right drives 1000 new email subscriptions every month for one of our clients. Have a play!

Reach New Customers

Embed Your Offers Anywhere

The Gleam Reward widget can be embedded anywhere. Design your campaign in-house then syndicate it to partners to leverage their audience.

Leverage Existing Relationships

You may have sponsorships or agreements in place with existing publishers to market your products or service. Gleam can really help you control the value from this relationship plus make it engaging for users.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • “Gleam is head and shoulders above the other social media giveaway platforms we've tried out in the past. Simple, beautiful, accessible.”

    David Stankunas, BeardHead

  • “Gleam is a fantastic tool when you are on a bootstrapped marketing budget. Think of Gleam as the tool to amplify your existing customer/fan base.”

    Roman Khan, Linjer

Retain Your Customers

Don't lose users to coupon sites or social networks.

A huge portion of your users will leave your site to find coupons or offers prior to purchase, there's a high probability you can lose them or even worse end up paying commission for a sale you would have converted anyway.

Our Smart Popup Widget

Our Smart Popup Widget helps you take your promotions to the next level by putting them infront of your users as they browse your site.

Pop it up on entrance, on exit or let your users trigger it by clicking a floating call to action anywhere on your page.

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Reward Social Actions

We integrate with all the social networks that are important to your business, whether it's driving more followers or getting users to view your latest content on YouTube we have it covered.

We currently integrate with the following social networks, with more being added every week.

Reward Example Campaigns

See some specific reward example setups.

Beautifully Easy Onsite Integration

Take control of promotions on your own site, or run them with partners.

We have 4 flexible ways to install your reward, all of these are compatible with all modern CMS or E-commerce platforms.

You can simply embed you reward in any page or article. You can even run your rewards on partners websites too, this is fantastic to get exposed to another audience.

Minimal Technical Involvement

You don't need your technical team to build you big complex forms or workflows, our widget takes care of everything. We even integrate with most of the popular email providers on the market.

Plus, once your reward is live any chances you make are updated instantly without having to make code changes onsite.

Understand Your Customers Better

Collect social data that helps you understand your users.

Gleam helps you build a valuable database of users that are connected to you across multiple channels, not just one.

We show you which of your users redeem the most rewards, how often they enter competitions & which social networks they use the most. You can use this data to make better decisions about your marketing strategy.

Who Are Your Top Users?

Right now you probably have no idea who your top influencers or power users are, Gleam helps you identify these users easily - so you can spend more time learning how to drive more revenue or exposure.

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