Are You Giving Coupons Away For Free?

Coupons are a fantastic way to increase conversions & sales revenue. But many retailers give them away for free where they will often end up on coupon sites. This erodes their value to the business.

Gleam is a solution to help your drive more value from customers by giving you control over how customers redeem coupons.

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Drive Social Actions

Gleam integrates with all the social networks that are important to your business, whether it's driving more followers or getting users to view your latest content on YouTube we have it covered.

We currently integrate with the following social networks, with more being added every week.

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Automatic Email Provider Sync

Send coupon codes from your own platform.

When a user redeems a reward you can allow Gleam to mail it to the customer, or you can send the customer details to your own email platform directly.

This allows you to completely take over the branding & control of how you want the user to consume your offer.

Gleam integrates with all the major email providers.

We've made it our mission to support more email providers than any other marketing platform. We know how important it is to automate your workflow & make it easier for you to drive results.

This feature also allows you to send users directly to your own lists even when partners are running your campaigns on their sites.

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