Installing Gleam to a Facebook Tab

Whether you're creating a Competition or a Reward within Gleam we make it easy to add it to any Facebook Tab that you manage.

Facebook now restricts Tabs to business with more than 2000 followers or more, so you won't be able to use this feature if you do not meet that minimum requirement.

After you setup your competition or reward you'll see the Installation Options page, simply click to turn on the Facebook Tab option.

Once the tab installation panel drops down you'll see a clickable link. You can click this link to start your installation, you can also share this link with partners to allow them to install to their own Facebook tabs too.

The first step to complete once clicking the install link is to Connect your Facebook account. This account must have Admin access to the page that you want to install your campaign on. Once connected, simply select the page & name the tab. You can replace existing tabs using this install method.

You are currently limited to a maximum of 3 live tabs on a single Facebook page. You can however install the campaign to as many individual pages as you want.

Getting a Partner to Install Your Campaigns

You can also provide the install link found above to any partners that you work with. This will allow them to install your campaign to their page.

We also generate a partner specific Smart Link which you can find on your Preview tab once installed.

Removing Facebook Tabs

There's a few ways to remove Facebook Tabs from your page:

Facebook Tab Manager

If you visit the Code > Install tab of any campaign with a Facebook Tab installed you can click the Manage Facebook Tabs link.

This will allow you to remove Tabs and see which campaign they were installed from.

Removing on Facebook Directly

Removing Facebook tabs once your campaign is finished is done inside the Facebook interface.

Go to Settings > Templates & Tabs > Settings > Edit Settings > Remove

Styling Your Facebook Page

We mirror your Site brand settings inside the Facebook tab, free users will see the standard gleam branding on their competitions:

Pro & Business users have additional ways to style this under the Install Options > Landing Page Settings

Facebook Smart Links

If you are running a competition on Facebook you may be tempted to announce the URL of the app to your audience. However, mobile users will be unable to see this page (as tabs do not work on mobile devices).

Whenever you install a Gleam competition to a Facebook tab we will generate a special Smart Link to share. You can find this link on the Preview tab of any competition that has been installed to Facebook.

This Smart Link will direct desktop users to your Facebook Tab and mobile users to your Gleam Hosted Landing Page.

You can wrap this Smart Link in your own URL shortener if you wish, this link should be used any time you:

  • Post about your campaign on Facebook in a post or an Ad
  • Announce your Facebook campaign on other social networks (Twitter etc)
  • Include it in email announcements to your customers

You can read more about Facebook promotion strategies in our contest promotion guide.