Facebook Photo Contest

Facebook Photo Contest

Get users to post photos on Facebook with your specified #hashtags to enter a contest.

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This Facebook Photo Contest template allows you to collect photo contest submissions from users by having them submit photos from their Facebook account with the required #hashtags.


You can combine the Facebook photo submission with other powerful actions like Subscribe to a Newsletter, Visit a Page, or Viral Share.

Facebook photo contests are easy to setup, and they are incredibly valuable for collecting user-generated content from your Facebook community.

What's more, you can reuse the user-generated content in your future marketing campaigns, and display authentic images from loyal customers who are the best ambassadors of your product.


Use Gleam Galleries to display all your beautiful photo submissions in one place. The photo gallery can be installed on a Facebook tab too.

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How to Use This Template

  1. Click on Use This Template to duplicate this template.
  2. Add more entry methods (optional).
  3. Save your campaign.
  4. Create a post on your Facebook page to announce your campaign.
  5. You can link to the campaign's hosted landing page.

How To Install Gallery for Your Photo Contest

If you have a Competitions Plan you can create a Gallery from the Install Options tab inside your photo contest. Simply give your Gallery a name and a Gallery will automatically be created and linked to your campaign.

Add a new Gallery to your Competition

You can then install the Gallery by embedding it on your own site, on a Facebook Page, or share the unique URL generated for your Gallery campaign.

Gallery installation settings

Once your campaign starts receiving media from users or imports you'll start to see it populate in the Gallery.

Facebook Photo Contest Pro

Facebook Photo Contest

Get users to post photos on Facebook with your specified #hashtags to enter a contest.

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