Can I Change the Look & Feel of the Rewards Widget?

You can customise the icon and associating colour for all entry methods on the Pro plan and above.

Custom CSS for the widget is available for users on the Business plan and above.

Here's an overview of how to customise the look & feel of your widget:

On the Pro plan or above, you can customise the entry method's colour and an associating icon from our FontAwesome library.

The customisation options will appear when you are setting up your campaign entry methods.

On the Business plan or above, you can use Custom CSS to style your widget. There are two ways to apply custom widget styles:

  • In the Setup tab from campaign setup
  • In Site Settings (all campaigns will inherit the same styles)

Here is a full list of CSS classes you can customise, including pre-made snippets for popular use cases.

Can I Remove Gleam Branding From My Reward?

Gleam offers extensive options when it comes to customising your campaign branding.

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How Do I Add Links?

You can add links to your entry methods using normal HTML in the relevant field.