Can I Add Another User to My Account?

As an Admin, you can invite or revoke Team Members under your Team settings.


You need to be a Site Admin to perform this action.

To Assign a Team Member

To assign a team member to your Gleam account:

  1. Click on your profile name on the sidebar

  2. Click on the Team tab

  3. Click on Add Team Member

  4. Enter the name of your team member, select access levels & which site to give them access to

  5. Click on Generate Invite Link

  6. You should now have a new pending user in the User table

  7. Click on the new user's pending status, then copy their invite link

  8. Send this link to the new team member


Invite links can only be used once.

To Revoke a Team Member

To revoke a team member from your Gleam account, go to the Team table and click on the x button for the team member you wish to remove. A popup will appear to confirm your action, confirm by clicking on Revoke Access.

What Are Team Members?

Team Members can assist the Admin in creating & managing Gleam campaigns. They can access your Gleam site through their own Gleam accounts.

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Can I Pause My Account?

You can downgrade your plan to Free when you're not running campaigns on a particular month. We'll keep your data until you come back.