Can I Upgrade Free Campaigns?

You can upgrade your Plan at any time to add new features to the campaign, even if the campaign has already started.

Yes! If you already have an active campaign running on the Free plan, upgrading to a higher plan allows you to:

  • Unlock existing data from your active campaign
  • Add more entry methods to your active campaign
  • Unlock more customisation options & entry methods for your campaign including custom styles, post-entry emails, email subscriptions, social referrals and much more.
Will Upgrading Unlock Existing Competitions Data?

When you upgrade your Plan, you will instantly unlock existing data, including historical data from previous campaigns.

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Can I Add A New Entry Method After A Campaign Has Started?

You can modify the entry methods from your campaign even after it has started. This gives you the chance to optimise your campaign and drive more meaningful actions.

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To modify your campaign, click on Edit on the campaign summary page.

Edit Button on Campaigns

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Can I Upgrade After I've Already Launched a Campaign?

You can upgrade and add new features to the campaign at any time, including if the campaign has already started.