Do You Offer an Agency Plan or White-labelling?

Agencies can manage multiple Gleam Sites under the same account.

Each Site will have their own branding, third-party integrations, users and plan subscription.

The Gleam platform is designed with agencies in mind. You can add individual sites for separate clients under one account and easily toggle between them.

Each site has its own:

  • Brand name & logo
  • Accent colours for landing page & emails
  • Third-party integrations
  • Tracking & Analytics
  • Users
  • Plan subscription

You can assign each client to their individual sites, which will allow you to customise each client's branding and make sure their leads are clearly separated.

To get started, you can set set up all your sites on the Free plan. You can then upgrade and downgrade your different sites accordingly based on each client's needs.

Can I Pay For Just One Month?

If you only want to use Gleam for one month, just downgrade your plan to Free before the anniversary date to avoid recurring charges.

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Can I Upgrade to A Higher Plan And Pay The Difference?

When you upgrade to a higher plan we will pro-rate the remaining credit on your current subscription and minus that from your new plan.

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Can I Upgrade After I've Already Launched A Campaign?

You can upgrade and add new features to the campaign at any time, including if the campaign has already started.

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You can also assign different credit cards to each plan you subscribe to.

Refer to our documentation for instructions on adding a new site.

While we don't currently offer white-labelling options, users on the Business plan and above are able to remove the 'Powered by Gleam' branding on the Business plan or above.

Powered by Gleam link in widget

Additionally, you will have full access to Custom CSS and text overrides on the widget.

Gleam's branding on a landing page for a Business plan user
Can I Remove Gleam Branding From My Competition?

Various customisation & branding options are available depending on your plan. On the higher plans, you can definitely remove all Gleam branding in your campaigns.

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