Do You Have an Affiliate/Referral Program?

Earn money by referring new users to Gleam! Cash earned can either be credited into your Gleam subscription, or paid out as a lump sum.

Yes! All Gleam users have an opportunity to earn money by referring new users to our platform. When you make a successful referral, you can earn cash that gets credited into your subscription or cashed out via PayPal.

You will earn a 20% payout off the referral's first purchase. For example, if your friend subscribed to the monthly Pro Competitions plan ($49), you will earn $49 x 0.2 = $9.80.

To get your referral details, click on your profile name on the sidebar and go to Referrals.

You should see your unique referral link in this section.

Referral information on the Gleam platform

To better convert your referrals, you can optionally customise your referral URL to direct referrals to a specific landing page on our site.

For example, if you intend to earn referrals for the Competitions app, you could send users to Competition's Pro Plan landing page.

You will receive credits once the referral has signed up & made a purchase with us.


You will only receive credits on the referral's first purchase.

Gleam credits will take priority over other payment sources when paying for your Gleam subscription. So if you have $20 credit, that will go towards your next bill and reduce your Credit Card payment.

The 'Powered by Gleam' branding on your campaign widget contains a link with your referral ID. Anyone can click through that link, subscribe to a Gleam plan and earn you money.

This means that as soon as you run your first Competitions or Rewards campaign, you have a chance to earn credit and let your referral credits pay for your subscription.

On the Pro plan and above, you have the option to remove the 'Powered by Gleam' branding.

  • Minimum payout for cash referrals is $100, payments only made via PayPal or Gleam credit.
  • We reserve the right to invalidate referrals if we feel you are "gaming the system". This program is designed to reward people that send us meaningful signups (this means posting in forums or specifically telling people to create a campaign is against our TOS).
  • Under no circumstances shall you send any messages that violate the CAN-SPAM act of 2003 in respect to Gleam.
  • We will not honour referrals from SEM advertising that uses either the domain or any keywords relating to Gleam.
  • You will not purchase any domains that contain Gleam in the URL (i.e.
  • Self referrals will not be credited, abuse of this may result in removal from the program.
  • You cannot use the Gleam widget to incentivise referrals, this means running a Competition asking users to sign up using your referral link.

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