How To Make An Extra 200k Per Year With One Opt-in Form

Take a Look at How Bride & Groom Direct Drove 200k in Extra Revenue With a Single Opt-in Form.

  • 13,000 +1600% Conversions
    232k Impressions
    5.5% Conversion Rate
  • 18.8% Abandoned Shopping Carts Recovered
  • €200k Additional Yearly Sales
  • 100+ Extra Users Converted Daily

    Using Gleam Capture Bride & Groom Direct were able to create powerful opt-in forms which increased their email signups by 1600% and drove over 200k in revenue.

    Case Study by Stuart McKeown
    Monday, February 8, 2016

    2016 is a wonderful year to be a marketer. Great software is enabling anyone to deploy and scale campaigns like never before, usually without the need of complex internal development resources.

    We're seeing an increasing trend of just being able to drop in some Javascript code on your site then being able to manage every aspect of the campaign without ever having to make code related changes again.

    For the past 9 months Daniel from Bride & Groom Direct has driven more than €200k from a campaign that took him little more than 10 minutes to implement with Gleam Captures.

    And this was the only code he had to drop on his site:

    Gleam Capture's 1-line embed script

    Bride & Groom Direct's Problem

    Bride & Groom direct were using a custom solution for collecting newsletter signups, but only averaging 6 opt-ins per day.

    But, they were consistently converting email opt-ins at 15%, so Daniel knew if he could increase the volume that he could also confidently impact overall revenue.

    Signups from Gleam have a much better open rate compared to our normal e-mail addresses.

    Bride & Groom Direct's website

    The Idea

    Daniel stumbled across our Capture app and knew that he could test various opt-in form ideas.

    They run a lot of voucher code promotions and knew that their customers were very receptive to saving money (this is a wedding we're talking about after all).

    So his initial idea was to offer a 15% off discount for email subscribes, essentially incentivising users on the spot.

    Bride & Groom Direct's newsletter popup

    Daniel then connected this Capture up to Mailchimp so that opt-ins could flow through in real-time and receive a 10% discount via an autoresponder. They also show the 15% coupon code in the post opt-in message.

    Bride & Groom Direct's newsletter welcome email

    The Results

    One day after implementation, Daniel looked at his reporting. His opt-ins had jumped from 6 per day to over 100 per day.

    The interesting thing is that even though the volume increased by 1600% the conversion rate to sale remained steady at 15%.

    Since implementing Gleam’s Capture we now get an average of 100 new customers per day. We convert around 15% of these users.

    Email address Capture report from Bride & Groom Direct

    This single Capture is now responsible for driving over €200k of sales for Bride & Groom Direct in the last 6 months and on track to contribute almost €300k for the year.

    The discount code has an AOV of £75 against a site average of £70.

    Key Growth Takeaways

    What can other businesses learn from the way Bride & Groom Direct has implemented Gleam Capture onto their site?

    Incentives Are Huge

    Bride & Groom Direct were able to increase their opt-in rate by 1600% by giving their users an incentive to subscribe.

    • 10% to casual email subscribers.
    • 15% for on the spot purchases.
    • 20% off abandoning carts.
    • 30% for special sales and offers.
    gift box wrapped with ribbon

    Of course as a business you need to weigh up the cost of discount vs the potential increase in volume.

    Something interesting to note is that the users that redeemed the coupon code ended up spending an average of $5 more per order.

    Start Out Simple

    This campaign shows that you don't need designers or fancy templates to try out something new. Daniel simply created an opt-in form using our Text Popup template then played around with the design and call to action in the backend.

    As you get a feel for what's working you can start to design more advanced templates for different marketing initiatives.

    On Entry vs on Exit

    This is a hotly debated topic, should I risk annoying customers with a popup right away or wait until they are about to leave our site?

    In Daniel’s case, he tried both:

    • Instant Popup converts at 6%
    • Exit Popup converts at 18%
    Cart abandonment E-commerce coupon
    Exit Intent Opt-Ins

    Create Your Own Exit Popup

    Learn everything you need to start creating your own exit-intent popup in minutes.

    Let's Go

    It’s also possible to set them up to show independently, or not show the exit popup if a user has already subscribed to the main one.

    Test Different Messaging & Offers

    Time-sensitive E-commerce coupon offer

    We mentioned above that Daniel’s exit popup was converting much higher than the main one.

    But there’s a few reasons for that:

    • It was only set to popup after someone was abandoning their shopping cart.
    • It had vastly different messaging that created urgency.
    • It had an extra 5% off your total order.
    • Exit popups don’t get triggered by mobile devices either.

    Capture makes it easy for you to test and deploy different messages across different parts of your site. You can even create custom popups when users come to your site from certain traffic sources.

    Offer visitors a welcome coupon if they last visited from Pinterest

    Have A Solid Strategy For Selling After Opt-in

    Being able to track the outcomes of your campaigns is a crucial step in knowing what sort of return you are driving.

    Daniel knew the conversion rates of email subscribers, so he was able to track the upside of deploying the new campaigns. For him it was an easy equation, increase the conversion rates of the popups and he could reliably drive more revenue from potential customers.

    person seated with a laptop computer holding a credit card

    There’s a few tricks you can use to track revenue:

    • You can allocate unique coupons to specific opt-in forms so you can see the revenue for that particular opt-in.
    • You could use Google Analytics to look at the conversion rates per Capture.
    • If you track the source of customers in your backend you can allocate them to specific segments that include source signup.

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