10% E-Commerce Conversion Increase With 1 Line Of Code

Take A Look At How NameBadge Added 10% To Their Bottom Line Using Exit-Intent Popups.

  • 9,000 Impressions
  • 609 Sales Conversions
  • 6.8% Conversions From Abandonment to Sales
  • 10% Improvement Sitewide Conversion Rate
  • 37% Decreased Advertising Cost
  • 5-10 Daily Abandoning Users Converted

    By implementing a single exit-intent Capture which took only 5 minutes to setup, NameBadge was able to re-engage users and drive a 10% increase in revenue.

    Case Study by Marcus Poh
    Thursday, June 4, 2015

    As a retailer, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. With connectivity at our fingertips, consumers are being assaulted with promotions like never before. Promotions land in our inboxes, mobile devices, on billboards, on our computers and on our windscreens. But even if your brand is being seen, often the bigger challenge is actually being heard amongst all the noise.

    As an online retailer, this challenge is amplified. Operating in world that trades in short attention spans, a virtual wild west. Bad adverts sit on bad copy. Noise is everywhere.

    About a month ago Daniel, the marketing manager over at NameBadge.com reached out. He had been using our Capture app to salvage abandoned carts and drive more revenue from his Adwords campaigns.

    With only one line of Javascript, and without acquiring new customers, NameBadges added 10% to their bottom line.

    Introduction to NameBadge.com

    NameBadge.com produces high quality name badges and accessories for businesses across the USA.

    They offer a very specific product, which means when someone searches for name badges, they are generally in a transactional frame of mind.

    This means that converting as many users as possible is a huge priority for the marketing team, and recently they realised that they could do much more to drive incremental revenue from customers that were abandoning the name badge designing process.

    NameBadge.com's website

    NameBadge.com Exit-Intent Capture

    NameBadge.com's Gleam Capture that pops up when users show exit-intent

    One of the issues that Daniel faced was no reliable way to display an offer when a user was about to abandon the site.

    NameBadge.com now uses Gleam Capture to quickly offer abandoning users an instant discount voucher, a last-ditch attempt to secure their business. This is made simple by adding the on exit rule during setup.

    Since we started JUST the exit intent, our conversion rate has seen a drastic jump. Meaning that people leaving the site see the popup and realize they should buy because we offer a coupon.

    Close to 9,000 impressions later and NameBadge.com has converted some 6.8% of those almost-abandonments into sales.

    Additionally, because Capture is more efficiently converting new leads across the board, the CPA at NameBadge.com has dropped by a huge 37%. Allowing them to reinvest this money back into campaigns.

    Its 100% trackable in the way that we have noticed our conversion COST going down drastically and our conversion rate increasing.

    Capture continues to convert otherwise abandoned users for NameBadge.com every day:

    We are getting around 5 to 10 orders a day that are using that coupon code – so those users that were about to leave, end up staying, using the coupon code and buying from the site!

    Key Growth Takeaways

    What can other businesses learn from the way NameBadge.com has implemented Gleam Capture onto their site?

    Analysis Paralysis is Real

    Analysis paralysis is the state of over-analysing a situation to the point where a non-decision eventuates. Faced with too many choices, consumers can put off making a decision for fear of making the wrong choice.

    If a consumer is leaving your website in a somewhat paralysed stated of inaction, avoid loading them up with more choices. Instead, simplify.

    Confused person looking at multiple shelves of products

    NameBadge.com presents one final offer to abandoning visitors – one they can either accept or refuse.

    Consumers Are Distracted

    Person distracted from laptop computer by looking at mobile phone

    Stemming from our same pull toward instant gratification, internet consumption has evolved to be a multi-screen experience. Not at all tolerant of waiting, our impatience sees us simultaneously consuming media across multiple browsers or devices.

    So then, how do you grab the attention of unengaged visitors? BIG and BOLD is how. This is not the time or place for artistic or soft fonts and images, regardless of your existing theme. Use an eye-catching image and big, bold font that will force visitors to pay attention.

    By forcing an interruption that is bigger, bolder, and more colourful than found on traditional web pages, NameBadge refocuses visitor attention on their desired outcome.

    New Visitors Can Feel Overwhelmed

    New visitors to a website are faced with lots of new information to absorb: images, copy, menus, and so on. When overwhelmed, these visitors sometimes leave instead of actioning the information as you intended.

    It is important then, when presenting a final offer to abandoning visitors, to get straight to the point. When overwhelmed, simplicity is key. Do not overcrowd the Capture with text because simple reads best.

    Person riding bicycle in focus

    NameBadge.com uses only fifteen words for their entire capture, but it gets to the point quickly and effectively.

    Consumers Suffer From Decision Fatigue

    Consumers are not always ready to shop! When given complex trade-off decisions, especially between two similar options, consumers often opt out of making the purchase until they are ready.

    Give them bonus value, by offering your visitors a coupon code or a discount on the current value of their cart. You can even use Behavioural rules (like those found in our Capture app) to show these offers at the right moment, rather than just blanket showing them to all visitors.

    Student looking down from laptop computer/

    NameBadge.com offers abandoning users an instant coupon, to make the equation obvious, and tip anyone with decision fatigue over the line.

    Consumers Are Indifferent

    A student looking indifferent while seated in class

    Today’s consumers are constantly being bombarded with offers. With brand loyalty an increasingly foreign concept in an information-rich world, businesses must take care when appealing to indifferent consumers.

    When dealing with visitors who are indifferent, it is best to ask for as little commitment as possible. Don’t ask for five different things, instead ask for just one. By minimising the barriers to entry, we increase our chances of conversion.

    NameBadge.com asks for visitors’ e-mail addresses in exchange for instant discount coupons. Requesting an e-mail address allows NameBadge.com to ask for only one thing, whilst still being able to continue developing the post-sale customer relationship.

    5 Awesome Things NameBadge.com Got Right

    1. Present only one call-to-action
    2. Use big, bold font and eye-catching images
    3. Do not overcrowd with text, simple is best
    4. Present to abandoning users an offer for bonus value
    5. Make sure the offer is low-commitment
    NameBadge.com's Gleam Capture annotated with numbers

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