She Shopped Helps Partners Grow With Gleam

Take A Look She Shopped's Business Strategy That Helps Them Win Business From Partners And Gain Massive Growth.

  • 37,000+ Impressions
    37k Impressions
    18.7% Conversion Rate
  • 41,000+ Actions Driven
  • 13,000+ New Email Subscribers
  • 4,000+ Instagram Followers for Brands
  • 4,000+ New Users via Viral Sharing
  • 45 Businesses Increased Revenue

    We're going to take you through She Shopped's experience in running giveaways for their partners using Gleam and the lessons learned along the way.

    Case Study by Stuart McKeown
    Friday, March 6, 2015

    Up until now, many of the case studies that we’ve published here have been very focused on a brand or single businesses that runs their own campaigns. We also have a lot of clients that let other businesses leverage their audience and run campaigns for them.

    I like to call this Distribution Hacking, or the simple art of using your own products to attract a larger audience (other than your own).

    Businesses often overlook how important it is to leverage distribution of their product via partners

    Introduction to She Shopped

    She Shopped website

    She Shopped is an Australian lifestyle blog run by Lucy Cornes. The site started from humble beginnings in 2012 and has quickly become the destination of choice for females aged between 22 to 44.

    Lucy’s mission is simple. To connect brands with her audience of engaged females, who love nothing more than to shop online, find the latest bargain or get access to a new product before everyone else.

    Why Competitions?

    One of the key strategies that Lucy uses to drive results is running giveaways for her sponsors. Giving them exclusive access to her 75k strong community of engaged shoppers, who love nothing more than to win prizes.

    She Shopped's Gleam Competitions campaign widget

    Why Are Competitions So Effective For She Shopped?

    Gleam competitions are exceptionally powerful. We can ask the entrant to engage with our social media, visit a specific page on our website, subscribe to our database, become a fan of our YouTube Channel and tell their friends about it all in one hit! I feel that people just asking entrants to “opt-in” to their newsletter or “like” their Instagram account are not fully leveraging the possibilities a competition offers.

    • Giveaways can engage an audience up to 1000% more than a typical ad or editorial post
    • They give brands an opportunity to test which products resonate best with certain audiences
    • The brand and Lucy both benefit from the social followers and growth of their email lists
    • Brands can follow-up with entrants to send out special offers, consolation emails or coupon codes
    • You get more of a distribution effect (K-factor) as users are more likely to share with friends
    • Lucy’s demographics are by far the most prolific at participating in competitions

    Lucy needed to find a platform that could enable her to build engaging promotions for her brands, whilst making it easy to set up and maintain campaigns.

    Key Growth Takeaways

    There’s no doubt that Competitions have been an integral part of how Lucy has managed to grow her business. But what are some of the things you can takeaway from this particular strategy?

    Learn To Embrace Partnerships

    Two people holding mugs facing each other

    As a business, you often feel like you’re on your own – fighting the good fight. We can easily get tunnel vision to think that partnering with someone else won’t produce results.

    Consider the upsides of partnerships, especially when it comes to running competitions together. A partnership can come in the form of a publisher that reaches the type of audience you want (just like She Shopped), or another brand that complements your products (think baby clothes if you sell baby strollers).

    • You get exposure to more than 1 audience, meaning you’re not reliant on doing all the promotion.
    • All parties benefit from the social buzz and growth of email lists.
    • Your prize value increases, due to more sponsorships.
    • Your reach increases, and you reach audiences that have never seen your brand before.

    Competitions Aren’t A Once Off Activity

    We see so often businesses run a competition once, then there’s no activity for the rest of the year. Whilst there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with this you need to consider the upside of running regular campaigns:

    • It can help you launch new products, announce sales or promotions, or even celebrate milestones.
    • Users become more engaged over time, instead of just engaging them once.
    • You engage users across multiple social networks. We’ve seen too many businesses put all their eggs in the Facebook basket only to be burned.
    • It helps you test new ideas with your customers, and get feedback from them. Use them to build your community.

    Platform Is Important, But So Is Promotion

    You can use hundreds of methods to run your competitions (and we’d love you to use Gleam), but beyond the setup and the administration businesses often overlook how much work is involved with promotion.

    Competitions are just like content marketing, 10% creation and 90% promotion. Don’t launch to crickets.

    Contests Are High Leverage, But You Need To Have A Solid Follow-Up Strategy

    Once you have lots of activity it is important to properly leverage it to drive sales. Here’s some tips to try:

    • Send a coupon code inside the competition entry notification email
    • Send a consolidation offer to buy the product you were giving away to all the entrants that didn’t win
    • Use your entrant list to notify them when new competitions are live
    • Considering having a large number of runner-up prizes daily so you can continually keep users engaged

    Run Your Own Viral Share Giveaway

    Viral loops done correctly can help you grow your mailing list overnight or drive crazy sales. Want to create giveaways where users can refer to their friends and family for more entries?

    Use our template below as a starting point:

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