Why Have I Received an 'Account Disabled' Email from Gleam?

To reduce the number of fraudulent campaigns, we regularly audit Gleam campaigns and temporarily disable accounts that may have violated our Terms of Use.

Your Gleam account could be disabled for a few reasons:

  • You have been reported because you were suspected for running fake giveaways.

  • You have yet to perform winner draws, announcements and prize fulfilment in line with our Terms of Use.

    • In this case, you will need to provide proof for prize fulfilment which includes contact history with the winner, proof of purchase & receipt of transfer.
    • If you used an external tool to randomly draw winners, you must manually mark that user as a winner through the Actions tab.
  • You made a dispute or reported a fraudulent charge with your bank.

    • In this case, you'll need to provide reasons for reversing the charge and either discuss with the bank to drop the dispute or arrange re-payment of Gleam invoices + $15 dispute fees for each.
    Why Does My Campaign Say 'Promotion Disabled'?

    We are constantly monitoring campaigns on the Gleam platform to ensure they are legitimate, fair, and safe for contestants to enter. From time to time, we may disable a promotion and ask the campaign host for verification and proof of prize fulfilment.

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