Can I Add a Follow on Instagram Action?

Unfortunately, it is against Facebook's policy to incentivise Instagram Follows. Find out how else you can grow your Instagram account on the Gleam platform.

Facebook's Developer Policy states that third-party developers have to encourage proper use of their platform:

Only incentivize a person to log into your App, enter a promotion on your App’s Page or on Instagram, check-in at a place, or to use Messenger to communicate with your business. Don’t incentivize other actions.

Gleam is fully compliant with the policies set out by Facebook, which is why we have removed the Follow on Instagram & Like on Instagram actions since 1st of June, 2016.

They have been replaced with the following actions:

Can I Still Get Instagram Follows?

With the new replacement actions, entrants can now optionally engage with your Instagram profile or post if they find it engaging or relevant. When the entrant visits your Instagram content through our widget, it is up to them if they want to follow your account, or like your post.

How Else Can I Promote My Instagram Campaign?

Be as it may, there are other alternatives for growing your Instagram presence organically. On our Growth Marketing blog, we have over 40+ tips for getting more likes on Instagram, and advice on running a successful hashtag campaign.

We also have a guide on using Gleam to run Instagram Contests, plus tips & tricks on how you can promote the campaign through Instagram.

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How Do You Handle Users Trying to Cheat?

Gleam has some built-in smarts to ensure that users have completed your actions in earnest before allowing them to claim entries.