How Do I Promote My Competition Before it Begins?

There are plenty of ways to promote your campaign before it even begins. Having a pre-launch strategy for your campaign will give you peace of mind and increase the ability to gain traction when it's time to launch.

Share your plans to launch a campaign with your social media followers. This will instantly drive hype and curiousity from your followers, you can expect them to check up on your feed in the coming days as they eagerly wait to enter.

The same goes for your newsletter subscribers. Send your subscribers a teaser about your campaign and how they can tune in for more information. Even if the campaign will be released through the same newsletter, make sure your readers know about it.

While you want the campaign to be mysterious and exciting, don't forget to make it interactive or actionable (like saving the date or or pre-registering themselves for the campaign) so there's always an opportunity for interaction.

Promotional email from Pizza Express hinting users at a mysterious event

Thought leaders and gatekeepers in your industry have an obligation to post regularly, which means they're always looking to post about new events and opportunities. Reach out to major publications from your industry and see if they are willing to give your campaign a shout out.

Shout out for an artist's giveaway on a promotional email by an art newsletter

If you have an existing audience to promote to, why not offer them a chance for early access and give them extra entries when they refer their friends? That way you can test your pre-launch on a smaller segment before you take off into the wild.