Do I Have to Complete All Entry Methods to Enter a Gleam Competition?

You can claim entries through any of the listed entry methods for a particular campaign, but it doesn't mean you have to complete all of them.

There are exceptions for this. For example, campaign hosts may offer bonus entries when you complete all entry methods, or mark certain entry methods as mandatory before you can unlock more entry methods.

No, how many entry methods you would like to complete is up to you. It is not mandatory to complete all of the entry methods offered by a campaign host.


Some times, campaign hosts may offer bonus entries if you complete all the entry methods in a campaign.

That being said, here are some scenarios where entry methods are conditional. Bear in mind, this doesn't mean that you have to complete all the actions to enter a campaign. The scenarios below help you unlock more entry methods, allowing you to earn more entries if you wish.

Mandatory actions appear before the rest of the entry methods are revealed. To unlock them, you must first complete the initial mandatory actions:

Mandatory Actions in Gleam Competitions

For some actions, you may have to perform a number of other actions first before you can access them. They appear on the list with a lock icon:

Required Actions in Gleam Competitions
Must I Pay to Enter A Campaign?

Not all entry methods require a payment to enter. If you reside in a country where No Purchase Necessary laws are enforced, you can claim a free entry alternative.

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My Entries Have Disappeared

For your assurance, entries do not disappear once they have been claimed. However, the number of entries shown in Your Entries may differ depending on how you're logged in.