Where are Winners of a Competition Announced?

It depends on the campaign host's preference. It could be announced through the widget, on social media, or via email.

It's best to check in the campaign terms & conditions to see how the campaign host intends to contact or announce winners.


Gleam does not automatically notify winners on behalf of the campaign host or sponsor.

Once the winners are drawn, the campaign host may choose to announce the winners on the widget, with or without avatars. It will look like this on the campaign widget:

Gleam Winner Announcement

If you've provided the campaign host with an email address, they will likely contact you through email, so make sure you check the inbox associated with the email address you used to enter the campaign.

The campaign host may post winner announcements on social media, or send you a direct message if you haven't provided an email address. Check your social media inboxes, particularly the accounts you used to enter the campaign.

You can also refer to the campaign terms & conditions to see how the campaign host has elected to contact winners.

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You can claim entries through any of the listed entry methods for a particular campaign, but it doesn't mean you have to complete all of them. There are exceptions for this. For example, campaign hosts may offer bonus entries when you complete all entry methods, or mark certain entry methods as mandatory before you can unlock more entry methods.