Can I Delete Rewards Entries?

You can delete Rewards entries on the Claims tab by using the Reset all claims button or selecting individual entries and clicking Bulk actions -> Reset.

To delete an entry from your Rewards, go to your campaign summary page:

  1. Click on the Claims tab

  2. To reset some claims, check the rows that you wish to reset and click on the Bulk Action button on the top left corner. Select the Reset option.

  3. To reset all claims, click on the Reset all claims button on the top right corner.


By default, you'll see an All Time view of all the claims that have been made for your campaign. To filter claims by date, click on the 🗓▼ button on the top right corner.


Bear in mind that once you've deleted an entry, the associating entry, user & reporting data cannot be recovered.

Resetting claims does not mean you free up your claims allowance for the month. Additional claims will be charged at the rate prescribed to your plan.

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