Simple + Effective Content Upgrades For E-Commerce Stores

This technique focuses on creating simple lead generating content upgrades for any E-Commerce store.

I see a lot of E-Commerce stores struggle to get content upgrades right. They often buy expensive software & create lots of downloadable guides to drive leads but overlook one huge advantage they already have 👇

Your Shopping Cart

Now you might be wondering what on earth I mean by that, but read on and all will become so stupidly clear that you'll be wondering why you didn't start doing this years ago.

Content upgrades offer a very simple way of incentivizing a user to join your list in exchange for something, that something could be:

  • Discounts (10% off order, Free Shipping etc)
  • Downloads (PDF, eBook, App)
  • Products (Free gift, Pay shipping only)

Often this technique will be used to compliment an existing piece of content on your site or blog.

Content Upgrade Popup

If you've written a post about Techniques to groom your beard you might offer a content upgrade that sends the user a detailed step by step video showing them how to do it themselves.

Most E-Commerce software or shopping cart solutions allow you to add products and sell them, right?

What if you were to add a product to your inventory that was Free?

Take a look at Breadbrand, they do exactly this. They've created a poster that users can download for Free if they checkout normally.

Beardbrand Free Posters

Genius right?

This tactic means you can easily add free products to your site which act as incentives to checkout.

And these don't need to all be completely free products, you might offer something that requires the user to pay shipping costs for example.

The beauty of this strategy is that you ask users to join your email list during checkout.

Add newsletter signup to checkout

You're also getting these users as proper customers and not just another meaningless signup to your mailing list

Another thing you can do with this strategy is recommend products in the shopping cart!

Mind blown?

So not only do we have a chance to convert this user on to your marketing list - but you also have a chance of driving additional revenue from the content upgrade too!

Beardbrand Shopping Cart

Stuart McKeown

Stuart McKeown is one of the Co-founders at Gleam. Aside from writing and helping businesses grow, he also enjoys sound design and drinking tea ☕️