Startup Journey

How We Grew SaaS Inbound Traffic By 300% In 6 Months

We break down how we grew our inbound traffic by 300% in just 6 months.

Stuart McKeown · 10 min read

7 Principles That Helped Us Bootstrap a 7-Figure Business

7 Principles I've learned growing Gleam from humble beginnings to a 7+ figure business.

John Sherwood · 10 min read

2015 Year in Review: Building A Fast Growing Bootstrapped Business

What's it like to run a growing bootstrapped business? Let's look back on 2015.

Stuart McKeown · 20 min read

14 Upsides Of Being An Australian Startup

What are some of the benefits of running a remote startup down under?

Stuart McKeown · 8 min read

18 Ways We Grow Our Product With Good Customer Experience

18 actionable tips & tricks on how you can grow your product by being responsive to customers.

Stuart McKeown · 11 min read

How We Increased Our Email Opt-ins By 1000%

See exactly how we increased our blog email opt-ins by 1000% using some simple tactics.

Stuart McKeown · 4 min read

Lessons Learned Growing to Over 100 Customers

Learn how we grew from 0 to 100 customers in 5 months. If we can do it, so can you!

Stuart McKeown · 13 min read

5 Things We Did In 2014 To Grow By 1059%

We managed to grow Gleam by 1059% in one year, lets take a look at how we did it.

Stuart McKeown · 11 min read

Split Testing This Phrase Increased Our Signups By 484%

One simple phrase "Powered by" is used by startups everywhere. Can it be improved?

Stuart McKeown · 2 min read

Getting The Most Out of Chat at Work Without Killing Your Productivity

See how we use chat at Gleam to automate our workflows and help us work faster.

Stuart McKeown · 6 min read

The 5 Content Pillars That Drive 95% Of Our Inbound Leads

95% of our new customers come from inbound marketing. Here's the content playbook we use.

Stuart McKeown · 10 min read

16 Growth Hacks That Have Helped Grow Our Business By 200% Without Any Press

You don't need press to grow, learn some of the things we've implemented that have worked.

Stuart McKeown · 8 min read

Why Being an Australian Startup Sucks

We took some time to reflect on the state of startups in 2014 and what could be better.

Stuart McKeown · 8 min read

The Pros & Cons Of Working From Home

Get these 20 tried and tested tips to make life easier when you work from home.

Stuart McKeown · 10 min read

15 Pre-Launch Growth Hacking Strategies For Startups

Don't underestimate the power of growing before you launch. Here's our top tips.

Stuart McKeown · 11 min read