Using Your Email Signature to Drive Signups & Sales

Using Your Email Signature to Drive Signups & Sales


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Stuart McKeown

A simple way to drive more awareness to your product every time you send someone an email.


If you’re like me and send over 50+ emails every day then you’re missing out on valuable marketing space by not including a call to action in your signature.

This hack is simple:

  • Write a guide that shows people cool ways they can use your product or service. Here’s mine.
  • Shorten the link via and add Google Analytics tracking parameters to it

Once we shorten this it becomes:
  • Insert the link into your email signature with a solid call to action.
  • You can test which call to action works best by changing the campaign in your Analytics tracking to match what you’re testing.

Here’s what mine looks like currently:

Growth Email

This now means that every single person I email has a chance to see 50 awesome things that my product is capable of. They might not be a customer and try us out, or they might already be a customer and now they have a bunch of new awesome stuff to try (which adds value).

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