Coupon Action

This documentation covers how Coupon Actions work.

Applications that support Coupon actions:


You can choose to add this action to your Competitions or Rewards to allow users to redeem a coupon after engaging in other action types. When a user unlocks the Coupon action, the coupon code will be revealed.

This action is especially useful for creating tiered Rewards or incentivising the completion of additional Competition entries.

Remember, Coupons are not an entry method, so no entries will be awarded for unlocking a Coupon.

Admin View

When you create a Coupon action you have several customization options:

  • You can gate your coupons until a designated number of actions have been completed.
  • You can limit the number of Coupons that can be claimed by users.
  • With the Coupon action you can offer Coupon Codes, Downloads or Links.
  • You can choose how the Coupon will be revealed once it is unlocked, it can be revealed automatically or by clicking a button.

Viewing Claims

You can view who claimed your Coupons under the Claims tab of your campaign:

If you would like to check how many claims you have left, just go to your Rewards page and you will see a breakdown of all the claims you have used for your Competitions and Rewards campaigns:

Public View

The Coupon action will show the number of claims left on the right tab, this will tell your users if the Coupon is still available.

When claims are still available, users can click on the action to reveal a Coupon. Once logged in, the Coupon will be revealed. The user can then click 'Copy' to save it to their clipboard.

If there are no more claims left, the action will be disabled and will not unlock.

Coupon Reveal

There are 2 ways to reveal a Coupon:

Reveal Automatically

Click a Button to Reveal

Coupon FAQ

Why Must I Include At Least 1 Action

Because Coupons are not an entry method. Coupons are actions that can be unlocked before completing other entry methods available in your campaign.

Do I Need To Have Gleam Rewards To Use The Coupon Action?

Yes, you will need Business Rewards or any Full Package plan to access the Coupon action.

How Are Number Of Claims Calculated?

Each Coupon unlocked is considered 1 claim. Claims from the Coupon action will be deducted from the claims in your Rewards plan.