Setting Up a Gallery

Gleam Gallery setup instructions

Gallery is an app that enables you to create beautiful social media galleries for your business, event or client without any IT or developer involvement.

Galleries can be independent or linked to a Competition or Reward.

Gallery Overview

Every business can benefit from displaying media in some form or another, whether it's customer testimonials, curation of a specific #hashtag that's linked to a promotional campaign or images of customers using a specific product

Many businesses don't realise the potential that lies in displaying media from customers, clients and themselves in a way that drives a meaningful connection with customers.

Gleam Gallery with a gallery item in focus

That's where Gallery comes in. We make it incredibly easy to build a beautiful, responsive (and embeddable) Gallery that you can install wherever you want. What's more, Gallery pulls in data from a huge variety of sources including Instagram, Facebook and even Competitions or Rewards.

Creating A Gallery

To create a Gallery just head to the Gallery tab in the left menu, then click the New Gallery button at the top right.

Gallery offers a live preview as you setup each element, which means that you just need to build something that suits your brand or style.

Gallery Setup

The first tab allows you to setup much of the basic functionality of your Gallery including the:

  • Type
  • Name
  • Language
  • Sharing
  • Voting
  • Moderation
Setup tab for Gleam Gallery

Gallery Type

The type of Gallery that you're able to build will depend on your plan (Competitions & Rewards have access to the Basic Gallery).

Select a Gallery type

This guide assumes that you have a Gallery plan and will be using the Gallery App.


The Name for your Gallery is an internal name that's shown on your Dashboard or when viewing your reporting.

Internal Gallery name that appears in your Dashboard

This name doesn't show in the URL for the Gallery:

Import Start Date

By default the Gallery will attempt to pull in as many items as it can until it hits your Historical Import limit.

Specify a date range for your media import using the datepicker

You can set a specific start date for the import during setup, the Historical Import will then import either up until your limit or until the start date is reached (i.e. it won't import anything from before your start date).


You can select from any of our 27 supported languages for your Gallery. This will translate any of the fixed text in the Gallery.

You will still need to translate any of your own dynamic text for elements like the Header & Description

Gallery Text Overrides

You are able to change any text within our Gallery. To change the text, simply add the key for the text and a value in quotes (it uses YAML layout). You only need to add overrides - don't paste the whole file in.

In the reference bundle, you see this:

gallery_no_entries: "Nothing to show yet"
gallery_most_recent: "Most Recent"
gallery_most_popular: "Most Popular"
gallery_load_more: "Load More"
gallery_link_copied: "Link copied!"

To change them, add this to the Widget Text Overrides:

gallery_no_entries: "No Uploads Just Yet"
gallery_most_recent: "Latest"
gallery_most_popular: "Most Voted"
gallery_load_more: "View More Photos"
gallery_link_copied: "Copied!"

And here's what it looks like in the Gleam UI:

Enter text overrides for your gleam Gallery

The full list of text that you can override is in this downloadable file:

View Gallery Overrides List

Enable Sharing

Sharing options available on the individual Gallery item

Enabling this option allows users to share individual Gallery items from the modal.

Users can share via:

  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr

Users can also copy the unique share URL to their clipboard (and share elsewhere).

When a user shares a specific link it will link any users back to the same image that was shared, this will work on the Gleam Hosted Gallery or if you have it embedded on your own landing page.

Brands and users can also share individual Gallery items by embedding them on any page that supports HTML.

One use case for this would be running photo contests and allowing influencers to write posts around their submission and allow voting on their item from within the post.

Enable Voting

If you enable voting then users will be able to vote on their favourite images (which you can then see in the backend leaderboard).

Voting button on the individual Gallery item

Enable Moderation

By default your Gallery will display all imported items. The Enable Moderation option turns on a moderation queue, which allows you to approve or reject Gallery items before they are accepted into your Gallery and displayed to the public.

Enable Gallery Moderation

When you enable moderation, items will be imported into the Pending tab of your Gallery. In the Pending tab you can view all imported items and choose to Accept, Reject, or Delete them.

Approve or reject your imported Gallery items before they go public

You can also click on any Gallery item to bring up the moderation workflow in full-screen, and you can accept or reject items using the buttons on the screen or with the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Approve or reject imported Gallery items in an easily preview display

If Gallery Moderation is disabled, it is still possible to reject or delete Gallery items from the Accepted tab if you prefer to automatically accept everything by default, then manually reject certain items.

Gallery Import

Adding Import sources to your Gallery is how you populate it with media and other items that the Gallery displays. There are two main ways to import items into your Gallery:

Campaign Import

Gallery can be used alongside both Competitions and Rewards to display media collected from those campaigns.

Select a Competitions or Rewards campaign to import media from

Multi-Campaign Import

On some Premium plans you can import from multiple campaigns at once, this is useful if you're running multiple campaigns and you need them to feed into the one Gallery.

Import Gallery media from multiple Gleam campaigns

Linking a campaign enables the Campaign Button option in the Header tab which allows users to enter the campaign from within the Gallery.

Import Sources

Gallery offers a wide range of sources for you to import media from, for more details on each individual source click below to view those specific docs.

Import sources available for Gleam Gallery

Manually Add Items

Once you have created your Gallery you will also be able to manually add items from Twitter or YouTube.

All you need to do is click the "Add Item" button and add the URL of the Twitter or YouTube item you want to add to your Gallery.

Enter your media URL in the Add Item modal

Gallery Voting

When you enable voting you have two options:

  • Allow Anonymous Votes: This allows users to vote without having to login to the Gallery and is based on IP/Session
  • Require Social Login: This forces users to login with Facebook in order to vote, this option is recommended

You can also choose to limit votes to within a specified Voting Date Range, or Include or Exclude Locations.

Configure your voting options during setup

You can also decide whether or not you want to publically Show Vote Counts.

If you do opt to show vote counts a filter will be added to the Gallery which allows users to see the most popular, most recent, or random images.

Gallery's dropdown menu with sorting options

You also have the option to Hide Sorting and not display any filters, or customise the naming of each filter.

Give your sorting filters a custom name

Look & Feel

Making sure your Gallery looks the way you want it to is a huge part of the setup process. We offer a huge range of customisation inside the Gallery to help you engage your customers.

Customised Gleam Gallery featuring Rainbow Serpent Festival


The Header tab allows you to control the area above where the Gallery items are displayed. This section is off by default.

Header section of a Gleam Gallery


The Cover section sits above the logo, you can use a solid colour, gradient or upload an image which will stretch to fit. Once you've done that you can set the height of this section.

Cover section of a Gleam Gallery

The Cover can be used by itself if you wanted a larger image with text or to have a completely branded header.


You can upload your logo to sit between the Cover & Text sections of the Gallery. We allow you to wrap the logo in a circle or have it sit raw on the Gallery (useful for wider logos).


The Text area allows you to personalise the header with a Title and also a description. Useful for letting users know what the Gallery is about or asking them to do something (use this #hashtag etc).

Add description text to your Gleam Gallery header


In the links tab you can see various links to social media accounts or even a CTA to visit your store or product.

Add links to your Gleam Gallery header

The colour of each link matches the respective social network, but you can override this to match your branding.

Campaign Button

If your Gallery is connected to a campaign then you can add a Campaign Button to the header of your Gallery which will allow users to view and enter your campaign from within the Gallery.

Competitions widget pops up within the Gallery


The content tab allows you to control the appearance and behaviour of all the content inside your Gallery.


Before a user interacts with any of the items in your Gallery they sit naturally in a preview state on the page.

Customise the margin between your Gleam Gallery items

This section allows you to configure how the Gallery items look:

  • Spacing: Set the px value of spacing between the Gallery previews
  • Body Margin: The Gallery has a natural 15px margin around the edges, easily configure this or remove it completely
  • Border Radius: Give the previews a border radius or make them square
  • Width: Choose from Small, Medium or Large preview widths
  • Square Media: This option allows you to make all the items in your Gallery square for consistency
  • Normalize Media Height: Allows you to force all items in your Gallery to have a consistent height
  • Show User Info: Allows you to show the profile photo and name of the uploader
  • Show Description on Hover: Show the description or caption of the Gallery item on hover
  • Show Source Icon on Hover: Show the source of the Gallery item (i.e. Instagram or Twitter)


Highlighting allows you to feature one of the items in your Gallery at regular intervals. This feature can really help give your Gallery more vibrance.

Randomly highlight Gleam Gallery items with the highlighting feature

Using highlighting will automatically enable the Normalize Media Height option so that the media looks consistent.

Carousel Mode

Carousel mode allows you to display your Gallery items in a horiozontal scrollable carousel instead of a grid. This is fantastic for putting on your homepage or specific product pages.

Custom Columns

Custom Columns is a Premium feature that allows you to fully customise how many columns show at very specific screen sizes.

Customise how many columns appear in your Gallery depending on user's screen size

This can be useful if you want to show 4 columns on a TV, but only show 1 column if a customer views the Gallery on a mobile device.

Supported resolution ranges:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPad Pro
  • Laptop
  • Desktop / TV
  • 2K Display


Set a custom background colour for the entire Gallery or even upload a background image using this section.

Custom background in a Gleam Gallery

The background image will automatically scale to fit the width of the users device or embedded page.


The popout section allows you to configure how your Gallery item looks once it's clicked by the user to view.

Individual Gallery item popped out within the Gallery

It features a number of options:

  • Border Radius: Give your popout rounded borders
  • Enable Sharing: Enable the ability for users to share Gallery items
  • Show User Info: Show or hide the profile photo and name of the uploader
  • Show Source Icon: Show or hide the source of the Gallery item
  • Show Description: Show or hide the description of the Gallery item
  • Enable Voting: Enable the ability for users to vote on Gallery items

Vertical Layout

We also offer a narrower vertical layout which can be forced by enabling the Vertical Layout option.

Display individual items in a vertical layout

Popout Background

This option allows you to give the popout a specific background colour when in an opened state. You can also set opacity and change the colours depending on mobile or desktop.

Load More Button

When the Gallery is embedded in a page it'll show 64 Gallery items before displaying a Load More button. This is to prevent the Gallery completely taking over the page and showing everything at once.

Load more button in a Gleam Gallery

You can configure text, colour and also apperance of the Load More button in this section.

The Advanced tab allows you to control how many items show before the Load More button shows, or if it even shows at all.


The Advanced tab contains a number of additional features for users on the Business plan or higher:


Select from 500 different fonts and have it automatically apply across your entire Gallery:

Select a custom font in the dropdown menu

Custom CSS

You can use Custom CSS if you want to override something specifically relating to the Gallery styles.

Default Order Type

You can select if images in your Gallery will be sorted by default by popularity, most recent, or random.

Global Items Limit

This allows you to control how many total items show in the Gallery at any one time, this can be useful if you have a fixed area and don't want the Gallery to scroll but still want to show the latest images.

An alternative way to do this is to enable Moderation and approve only the images you want to show.

Top Items Limit

This allows you to control how many items show before the Load More button appears when the Gallery is embedded.

Scroll to Preview

This moves the background of the Gallery to line up with the current item that's being viewed. This is auotmatically enabled in Presentation mode.

Live Refresh

When enabled this will automatically refresh the Gallery when new items are available.

Private Entries

Disable links to user profiles from Previews and the Popout modal.

High Quality Thumbnails

Use full resolution images for thumbnails, this option can slow down the Gallery but is useful if you're using large thumbnails or highlighting.

Strict Chronological Order

The Gallery may not always sort items chronologically depending on your settings, this option forces it to do that.

Allow Presentation Mode

If you plan to display your Gallery in a Fullscreen setting (like a display or TV) then you need to enable this option. When your Gallery is in Presentation Mode you have the ability to automatically switch between media at designated intervals ranging from 1 second to 1 minute.

Pressing F will show the Gallery with the Header and pressing H will show the Gallery without the header

Presentation Mode also has a live refresh feature, so new media will be included if your Gallery is showing Most Recent.

Custom Open Graph Settings

Override the default Open Graph Settings for your Gallery with these custom settings.