Setting Up a Gallery

Gallery is an app that allows you to create beautiful embedded social media galleries. The Galleries can be independent or pulls images from Competition or Reward.

Gallery Overview

Galleries has a lot of potential applications depending on your needs. The app is flexible enough that you only really need to think about where you want to pull your photos from (and we take care of the rest).

In the following guide we're going to show you how to setup a Gallery, plus walk through all the various sources you can pull in media from.

Creating A Gallery

To create a Gallery just head to the Gallery tab in the left menu, then click the New Gallery button at the top right.

Gallery offers a live preview as you setup each element, which means that you just need to build something that suits your brand or style.

Gallery Setup

The first tab allows you to setup much of the basic functionality of your Gallery.

Name & Description

By default the Gallery has a black tiled header. You can change this as you go, but to get started you first need to give your Gallery a name and a description.

The description field can support basic HTML too.

Allow Voting

If you enable voting then users will be able to vote on their favourite images (which you can then see in the backend leaderboard).

This will also add a filter to the Gallery which allows users to see the most recent or most popular images.

Allow Users To Enter From Gallery

If you have a live action Competition or Reward linked with the import tab (see below) this option allows users to enter the contest from the Gallery page. A great way to keep all the users inside the Gallery (rather than embedding them both separately).

Entries Require Moderation

This option turns on a moderation queue, which allows you to approve photos before they become available to the public.

Even with this option turned off it is possible to reject photos, so you can decide if you'd prefer to let everything through and reject or turn on moderation and approve everything.

Allow Users To Share

You can turn on sharing and allow users to share individual images via social networks. Once shared it'll link back to the Gallery and automatically open the image that was shared.

Gallery Styles

You can use our styling options to give your Gallery its own look and feel. Business users and above will also have complete control over the Gallery CSS.

Text & Background Color

Background Image

Background images will stretch to fit the Gallery.


For best results here we recommend using a transparent image for the logo.

Social Media

In the social media tab, we give you the option to link to various social media sites from the header of your Gallery. Great to get users engaging with you, or to send users to your shop to purchase.

Gallery Import

What good is a Gallery if you can't populate it with content? The import tab allows you to pull in content to your Gallery from a number of sources.

Import From Competition Or Reward

The first option to import content into your Gallery is via any competition or reward you have setup. Simply choose the campaign from the dropdown and it'll instantly sync up with any uploaded media.

Action types that add media (images or videos) to the Gallery:

  • Submit Photo from Instagram
  • Submit Photo from Twitter
  • Submit Photo from Facebook
  • Submit YouTube Video
  • Upload

Facebook Tagged Page

This option will pull any images that users have tagged your Facebook page in.

Facebook Comments

Running a contest that requires users to add photos to comments on a Facebook post? Then use this option to pull in the images to your Gallery.

Instagram & Twitter Hashtags

You have two ways you can pull in images from #hashtags. And it depends on whether or not you want them to count as entries in a competition or not.

You Just Want To Show Images In Your Gallery

If this is the case then you can add the supported hashtags under the Import tab in your Gallery.

You Want #hashtags To Count As Competition Entries

Then you must setup the actions inside your contest to pull in the #hashtags, then link the Competition to your Gallery using the Import From Competition method above.

Action types that support hashtags as entries:

  • Submit Photo From Facebook (Tagged Pages / Comments)
  • Submit Photo From Instagram
  • Submit Photo From Twitter

Installing Your Gallery

There's quite a few flexible options to install your Gallery once you've built it.

Hosted Gallery Page

The default option is our hosted landing page. This is a page that sits on the domain and will show the Gallery at all times. We also use this landing page with Share links so we can show the user their Share to vote on.

Embed On Your Site

When choosing to embed on your site, you can set a few options first. For example you can choose to completely remove the header and just embed the images if you wish.

Once you've selected your options you'll see two piece of code to embed. The first piece of code should code in your header or template.

The second piece of code embeds the Gallery on your page. So just put that where you'd like the Gallery to show. Our Gallery is responsive, so it'll scale to fit within the size of the holding page.

Install To Facebook

The final option allows you to embed your Gallery inside a Facebook tab. Again just choose your configuration, then click the Facebook install link.