Quick Draws

Quick Draws documentation for Gleam

Quick Draws are an easy, reliable and fair way to pick instant winners for your giveaways. With Quick Draws, you can instantly draw random winners from a variety of sources including a list of names, Instagram comments, or entries from your own Gleam Competitions.

To create a Quick Draw, click on New Competition, then select New Quick Draw.

New Quick Draw

Gleam offers the following Quick Draw templates:

Random Name Picker

The Random Name Picker allows you to instantly pick random winners from a list of names. You can enter names by:

  • Pasting them directly into the Entry Names field
  • Uploading a text file containing all the names you want to draw from.

Please make sure that each name is on its own line.

Weighted Draw (Optional)

You can customise the 'entry worth' for each entrant by appending the value behind their name. Like this:

Avery Higgins, 5
Riley Mcpherson, 2

Entrants will have a higher chance of winning depending on how much their entries are worth.

Entry names field in Quick Draws interface

Enter the number of winners you wish to draw, then click on Draw Winners.

Instagram Comment Picker

The Instagram Comment Picker allows you to randomly pick winners from users who commented on a specific post made by your Instagram account.

An Instagram Business or Creator account is required to use the Instagram Comment Picker.

Connect Your Facebook Account

First, connect your Facebook account to Gleam.

Connect your Facebook account to Gleam

If your Instagram Business account is not yet connected to your Facebook page, you'll be prompted to do so by Facebook.

Link Instagram Business Account to Facebook

You can then continue with the authentication process:

Connect Instagram Business Account to Gleam

Import Your Instagram Post

Once you've connected your Instagram account, enter the URL of the Instagram Post that you would like to import comments from.

Enter the Instagram Post URL to be imported

Enter the number of winners you wish to draw, then click on Draw Winners.

Competitions Live Draw

Competitions Live Draws allow you to pick winners from an active Gleam Competition using our public-facing Quick Draw interface.

Quick Draw interface with background from Unsplash

Just select the Competition that you would like to draw winners for, just bear in mind that only active Competitions will appear in this list.

Multiple Competitions Draw

Multiple Competitions Draws allow you to pick winners from multiple Gleam Competitions. Entrants from all of your chosen campaigns will be grouped together and winners will be randomly picked from the total pool of entrants.

This is useful if you want to pick bonus winners from all of your active Competitions.

There are a few requirements for what Competitions you can draw winners from:

  • Competitions must belong to the same Gleam account
  • Competitions must be currently active

Multilingual Competitions Draw

If you are running a multilingual, regional or international campaign, you can combine multiple Competition campaigns and draw winners from the total pool of entrants.

To draw winners, all you need to do is select the campaigns you want to draw from:

Campaign sources from Gleam Competitions listed in Quick Draws interface

Enter the number of winners you wish to draw, then click on Draw Winners.

Using Quick Draw In Public

The Quick Draw interface is designed for public-facing winner draws, so it's perfectly suited for performing the draw on a live stream, or for posting the draw on social media.

The Quick Draw interface has a minimal design with background customisation options.

Quick Draw interface with minimal gradient background

You can customise the background by:

  • Choosing a colour or gradient
  • Uploading your own image file
  • Picking a stock photo from Unsplash

Quick Draw interface with background from Unsplash

When your draw is finalised, the winners will be shown on the screen. User-identifying information such as email addresses are hidden from view. You can click on the ℹ button to reveal the winner's contact information.

Manage Quick Draws

For each draw you perform you will receive an email summary with the winners list.

Quick Draw campaigns are automatically removed after 30 days. You cannot retrieve the winner's list once a Quick Draw campaign expires.