Vimeo Actions

Vimeo Actions for Gleam

This documentation covers the actions that we support via Vimeo.

Applications that support Vimeo actions:

Watch a Video on Vimeo

Gleam supports the ability to watch a Vimeo video as an action type.

Admin View

Admin view for Watch a Video on Vimeo Action on

Public View

In order to use this feature you will need the full Vimeo video URL, here's an example:

Ensuring Users Watch The Entire Video

You can hide the playbar for your Vimeo video to ensure that users watch the entire video and don't skip to the end. To hide the playbar, simply disable it on Vimeo from Advanced > Embed > Controls > Playbar:

Vimeo Hide Playbar Setting

Video Keeps Looping

If your video continuously loops and doesn't allow users to complete the Action, you'll need to change your 'End Screen' settings on Vimeo to something other than 'Loop'. To change this, head to your video on Vimeo and click Advanced > Interation Tools > End Screen > Select any setting except 'Loop':

Vimeo End Screen Loop Setting