Visit Action

This documentation covers how Visit Actions work.

Applications that support Visit actions:

Visit Actions allow you to direct users to another page or site from your campaign.

Common uses of this action include:

  • Getting users to check out your website
  • Sending users to a specific product or service
  • Sending users to a special offer
  • Getting users to check out a partner
  • Sending users to a social network or service that isn't natively supported by Gleam
  • Asking users to check out your podcast, kickstarter or other service that you can use to engage with them

Validation: Onclick

Admin view for Visit a Page Action on

When a user clicks the link there's a number of validation options available:

This requires that the user come back to the widget to click continue to validate their entry

This will automatically award the users their entry upon visit provided they are logged in to the campaign

The Open Graph option scans the landing page for Open Graph tags and provides a much more visual feel to the Visit action.

Open Graph preview option for Visit Actions on

This option can also be useful for products, podcasts and other sites that have good Open Graph compatibility.

For users on the Pro plan and above the Visit action offers a number of advanced options that open up more customisation for the Visit Action.

Advanced visit options for the Visit Action on

This will force the user to spend a specific amount of time on the visited page before being allowed to continue.

This option allows you to ask a question, you can either:

  • Leave the question blank and allow a freeform answer
  • Provide a list of options for the user to select from a dropdown

This can be handy to ask questions about the page for validation, or to ask users if they follow you etc.

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