YouTube Actions

This documentation covers the actions that we support via YouTube.

Applications that support YouTube actions:


If a user connects their YouTube account or performs an action that requires authorisation, then they will be required to authenticate with the Gleam Competitions YouTube app.

Please note, these are the default permissions for any app on YouTube. Gleam will not do anything via the API without your explicit click or permission whilst entering a campaign. Verifying Subscriptions and Commenting will ask for extended account permissions.

Comment on a Video

Commenting on a YouTube video is a common way for channels to ask their users to enter into a competition or sweepstakes. Gleam allows you to award entries to users who leave a comment on a designated YouTube video.

This action is designed to reward loyal users that regularly comment on your YouTube videos, please note that this must be optional to avoid violations of the YouTube Contest Policies.

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Subscribe to a YouTube Channel

Gleam supports the ability to send users to your channel subscription page as an action type. Please note, we do not incentivize them for actually subscribing, so users are free to not subscribe if they wish.

This action is designed to reward loyal subscribers to your channel, please note that this must be optional to avoid violations of the YouTube Contest Policies.

Subscription Verification

Using the Verify checkbox allows us to verify your existing loyal Subscribers via the YouTube API, this is a great way of ensuring that users complete the action - however it will increase the barrier to entry by asking the user to connect their YouTube account to Gleam.

Please note that there can be a delay on Subscriptions appearing in the API sometimes, in which case we'll display a message asking the user to try again in a few minutes.

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After clicking the button users will be asked to confirm their subscription:

Submit A YouTube Video

The YouTube Submit action allows you to ask users to submit any YouTube video as an entry into your contest. It's possible to link these videos to a Gallery (if you wanted to run a video submit competition) and let users view and vote on them.

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Watch a Video on YouTube

Gleam supports the ability to watch a YouTube video as an action type.

In order to use this feature you will need the full YouTube video URL, here's an example:

Ensuring Users Watch The Entire Video

In order to make sure that a user watches all of the video before continuing you will need to add some additional parameters to hide the controls & YouTube branding.

To do this simply add the following to the Player parameters input:


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YouTube Competition Example

We've created an example competition that you can play with, it contains all of the actions that we've covered in this guide.

YouTube Contest Guides

We have a number of other resources and guides that can help you get more out of your YouTube contest with Gleam.

How to Run a Successful Contest on YouTube