Capture A/B Testing

How do you know which template or combination or rules works best for a given scenario? You can use your gut to make the best decision - but often it's better to test a bunch of hypothesis and see what works best.

Gleam capture showing a/b testing

Our A/B Testing feature allows you to create variations of your control Capture and assign them a weighting to have a shot at beating the Original.

You can then promote the best performing version as the main Capture to take over exclusively.

Setting up an A/B Test

To setup an A/B Test just click the cog icon to the right of any active Capture that you wish to test and choose Create A/B Test.

Gleam interface showing setting up A/B test

You can then setup the specifics of your test:

Gleam interface showing setting up A/B test specifics
  • Give it a Name
  • Add your Variants
  • Assign the % of traffic each Variant will receive

A/B Testing Tab

Once created your Test will show in the A/B Testing tab, allowing you to see at a glance the performance overall and the individual performance of each Variant.

Gleam interface showing A/B testing tab performance
  • Impressions: How many impressions the A/B Test has received
  • Conversions: How many conversions the A/B Test has driven
  • Conversion Rate: The % of impressions that have resulted in a conversion
  • Change: The % increase or decrease of the Variations
  • Significance: The statistical significance of the test (closer to 100% is a higher confidence)

Reporting Tab

The Reporting tab will give you a visual breakdown of the performance of the A/B test over a specific time period:

Gleam interface showing A/B testing reporting tab graph

You can filter this report by:

  • Impressions
  • Conversions
  • Conversion Rate