Post Capture

Once a user completes your Capture by either filling out their information or clicking it, you can choose what you'd like to do afterwards.

This does exactly what it says on the tin, when the Capture is considered completed nothing happens. This is useful for Click based Captures if you want them to keeping showing, not so useful for Email based Captures.

Show a brief thank-you message when the user completes your Capture.

Gleam capture showing thank you message

Show a brief thank-you message and also a Facebook Like button when the user completes your Capture.

Gleam capture showing thank you message and action to like facebook page

Clicks on this Like button get recorded as Events in your reporting tab.

Show a brief thank-you message then redirect the user to a specific URL after they complete your Capture.

Open a specific URL in a new browser tab after the user completes your Capture.

Trigger another active Capture campaign when the current one is completed, this can be good for chaining Captures or messages together.

Gleam capture showing thank you message with image

Auto Close allows you to automatically close the Capture after a set time frame once it's completed, you can set this to 0 to close instantly.


By default some of the options above will automatically select this feature.

This option fires a specific Javascript Callback to your page once the Capture is completed. This will pass the status of the Capture as well as the data collected from your Capture form.

You can use this to perform something specific like:

  • Adding a coupon to the shopping cart
  • Doing something with the users account
  • Awarding the user something
  • Showing specific content

First, you'll need to initialize the onCaptureComplete function:

window.onCaptureComplete = function(captureName, message, data) {
  console.log("Capture Callback Test captureName:", captureName, "message:", message, "data:", data);

This should then provide your function with the following parameters:

The first parameter, captureName, returns the title of your Capture campaign:

"My Capture"

The second parameter, message, returns a message describing the outcome of completing the Capture. For successful conversions, the message will return "Lead added". If an error occurred, the error message will appear in this field.

"Lead added"

The third parameter, data, returns some data about the user that completed your Capture:

  "form_data": {
    "email": "",
    "name": "Sally Smith"
  "key": "CQjsS",
  "language_code": "en",
  "location": {
    "city_name": "Sydney",
    "country_code": "AU", 
    "country_name": "Australia", 
    "description": "Sydney, NSW, Australia", 
    "region_name": "NSW", 
    "time_zone": "Australia/Sydney"

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The CSS Tab offers you control over the entire CSS of any type of Capture, you can use this to make small tweaks or completely change how a Capture looks.