Competition Templates

Competition Templates

Gleam Competition users have access to a massive selection of pre-built Competition templates.

Our templates are a great way to find inspiration for your next campaign and build Competitions expertly tailored to your goals without any hassle.

Choosing a Template

If you want to run your own Competition using our templates, all you need to do is select New CompetitionStart From Template.

Using Gleam Competition Templates

You can then browse through all our templates, using our search bar and categories to find the right template for you.

With our in-depth categories you can browse for templates based on your campaign objectives, which social networks and platforms you use, what industry you operate in and more.

Gleam's Competition Templates Library

A Template Isn't Available on My Plan

If you select a Competitions template that includes features that are not on your current plan, we'll show you a list of those unavailable features.

Unlocking Gleam Templates

You have a few choices at this point:

  • Upgrade your plan to unlock the full template.
  • Use the template without unavailable features.

Editing a Template

Once you have chosen a template you will be taken to the Competition setup form.

While the structure of your campaign will already be set up, there are some details we are unable to add for you.

These include:

  • Your campaign's name and description.
  • The details of your prize(s).
  • Any social handles or website URLs used in Competition actions.

You are also able to add or remove actions from your campaign to align with all of your goals.