Rebrandly Integration

Rebrandly integration setup instructions for Gleam

Gleam allows you to connect your Rebrandly account to the Viral Share action type as an integration. This means that any Viral Shares that happen will go out via your Rebrandly account (which you can track).

Integrating Rebrandly

You can enable Rebrandly Integration on the Business plan & above. Simply navigate to Settings > Integrations then turn on Rebrandly

Connect your Rebrandly account to Gleam

You will need to connect and authorize your Rebrandly account.

Rebrandly account successfully connected to Gleam

Viral Share Action Type After Integration

Once Rebrandly is integrated you'll start to see the share links are now shortening via your Rebrandly account.

Please note that we cache these links, so if you viewed the Viral Share before you activated Rebrandly you will need to test incognito.

Rebrandly links appear in Viral Share action