What are the Options for Choosing Winners in Competitions?

To pick a winner for your campaign, you can either draw winners randomly for chance-based campaigns, or manually for skill-based campaigns.

Choosing a winner for your campaign will depend on the type of campaign you are hosting. Chance-based campaigns require the random draw method whereas skill-based campaigns require a judge panel to select winners through a predefined criteria.

The random draw method is suitable for sweepstakes campaigns, or more commonly known as giveaways. It is a simple, non-biased process where the allocated number of winners are randomly picked from a pool of verified entries.

To draw random winners, all you have to do is go to the Winners tab of your Competitions campaign summary.

Skill-based campaigns such as essay writing contests or photo contests may require a judge panel to determine the winners. In this case, you can manually set someone as a winner through the Entries/Actions tab.

Manually pick a winner from the Actions tab on the Gleam Competitions dashboard
How Do I Choose A Winner For Photo Contests?

To pick a winner for your photo contest, you can either draw winners randomly, manually through a judge panel, or by popular vote from an audience.

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