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Why Should You Switch to Gleam?

We handle more than 300k entries per day from Twitter alone, so we know what it takes to make features that you'll love using ๐Ÿ‘‡

  • Compliant Twitter Actions

    Use your contest to drive follows, tweets, retweets and more with our powerful Twitter actions.

  • Track Entries & Pick Winners

    Run hassle-free campaigns with automatic entry validation and random or manual winner selection.

  • Simple Hashtag Contests

    Automatically award entries to users who tweet with your hashtag without them ever having to leave Twitter.

  • Run Photo & Video Contests

    Collect submissions using hashtags or manual selection and showcase UGC in a stylish gallery.

  • Built-In Viral Sharing

    Extend your reach by allowing users to refer friends with custom viral referral links optimised for Twitter.

  • Run Your Contest Anywhere

    Install our mobile-friendly widget on a webpage or hosted landing page and drive traffic from multiple channels.

  • Go Beyond Twitter

    Grow your brand beyond Twitter with powerful actions for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more.

  • 100+ Integrations

    Grow your email list and following with seamless integrations with all your marketing tools and social networks.

  • Loads More Awesome Features

    25 supported languages, automatic fraud protection, smart notification emails and so much more.

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Set up your own campaign in 5 minutes with our awesome Twitter contest software. Verified entries, powerful integrations, simple installation and more.

More Twitter Examples

Want to see what the widget is capable of? Here's some Twitter campaigns we prepared earlier.

Over 100+ Integrations

We integrate with more than just Twitter, create campaigns across a wide range of social networks.

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