Twitter Actions

This documentation covers the actions that we support via Twitter.

Applications that support Twitter actions:


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If a user connects their Twitter account or performs an action that you have Require Login enabled for, then they will be required to authenticate with the Gleam Competitions Twitter app.

Authenticate your Twitter account

These are the default permissions for any app with write permissions on Twitter. It's not possible to choose which elements you want access to. We will not post without the users permission, nor will we update their profile.

Throwaway Restriction

Some of the Twitter actions below have the ability to reject throwaway accounts. This adds an additional check that will reject @profiles that do not meet a minimum quality criteria for the campaign.


This option is designed to reduce spam and increase the number of real legitimate accounts entering your campaigns.


The Twitter Entry action allows you to award an entry for logging into Twitter within the widget. This can be a great way of ensuring that you are able to identify the Twitter @profile of all users that enter your campaigns.

Admin View

Admin view of Twitter Entry Action for

Public View

Tweet on Twitter

Tweet allows you to ask users to Tweet about something as a contest entry. Using the Require Login checkbox will force the user to login with their Twitter account.

Tweets will automatically include a link to your landing page (if there's enough room), we will also use the Viral Share referral link if that action is enabled.

Admin View

Admin view of Tweet Action for

Public View (Without Require Login)


Hashtag allows you to ask users to Tweet using a specific #hashtag. You can simply prefill the #hashtag and let them Tweet whatever they want, or setup a completely prefilled Tweet (which they can edit).

Admin View

Admin view of Tweet with Hashtag Action for

Public View


Retweet allows you to ask users to Retweet a specific Tweet (which must already exist).

Admin View

Admin view of Retweet Action for

Public View

View a Tweet

View a Tweet allows you to ask users to View a specific Tweet.

Admin View

Admin view of View a Tweet Action for

Public View

Follow a User

Follow a User allows you to ask a user to Follow a specific Twitter account as an entry. This will also verify if someone is already following a specific Twitter account and also award them an entry.

Admin View

Admin view of Follow a User Action on

Public View

Select a Photo From Twitter

Select a Photo allows you to ask users to select from their Twitter photos as an entry. Currently this action only looks at the last 21 posts.

Restrict to hashtag will only allow the user to choose from Photos that are tagged with a certain hashtag.

Admin View

Admin view of Select Photo on Twitter action for

Public View


Known Twitter Issues

Account Lockout

Twitter has recently started locking and suspending specific types of accounts automatically:

  • Users with multiple accounts (for example if you create a new account you'll most likely get this check right away)
  • Accounts that exhibit spam like characteristics will be flagged for verification

In this scenario you will be required to add your phone number to your account to verify and continue using Twitter. Please note, this isn't a ban, it's a verification step to protect the integrity of the Twitter platform.


If you are creating multiple Twitter accounts that are purely used for giveaways or redeeming rewards then it's likely that you might be asked to complete this verification step to continue using Twitter.

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