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Import actions are a unique type of action that allows you to enter users into a competition without them interacting with the widget.

An example might be that you're running a contest that requires users to use a specific #hashtag to enter or asking users to add photos to comments inside a Facebook post.

Import actions also work seamlessly with normal actions, which means they can be used to also supplement entries from users that never entered via the widget at all.

Due to the privacy restrictions you cannot access email addresses for users that have actions imported. The only personal information we will get is their social username. If the user has authenticated with the widget previously for that network then we'll link up any imported entries to their profile.

Applications that support Import actions:

Instagram Hashtags

You can import images from Instagram that have been tagged with specific #hashtags in:

  • Posts
  • Comments

Available on the following plans: Business

Twitter Hashtags

You can import images from Twitter that have been tagged with specific #hashtags in:

  • Status Updates

Available on the following plans: Business

Facebook Comments

You can import images from comments in a specific public Facebook post.

Available on the following plans: Business

Facebook Tagged Pages

You can import images that have been tagged with a specific Facebook page on Facebook.

Available on the following plans: Business

Import Action FAQ

How Often Does It Import?

Currently we import new entries from Import sources hourly. Everything gets sorted by the actual social post time, so it'll line up in your Actions list at the time the action happened (not the time it was imported).

What Happens When I Add Import Sources?

We'll do an initial pull of historical data when you first add an import source. You will need to be wary of this, especially if you're using:

  • A popular #hashtag
  • Or make a mistake with your #hashtag

Doing either of the above can mean you'll have potentially thousands of entries before you even kick off your contest. A common strategy to deal with this is to use the Archive feature on the Winners tab to archive existing entries before the competition start date.

How Do I Contact Entrants That Use Hashtags or Social Media?

One of the downsides to grabbing data directly from social networks is that we won't know anything about the user other than their username. If you pick a winner, you will need to contact the user from the social network they entered from - For example send a Facebook message, an Instagram message or post the winners details on your profile.

The app does have smarts that will connect #hashtag entries to a users profile if they have logged into our widget from that social network previously.

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