Recover Abandoned Shopping Carts With Capture

Learn how to use Capture to recover abandoned shopping carts on your E-Commerce store.

If you own an E-commerce store then you’ll know that once a user adds products to their cart they are extremely like to purchase from you. But often the customer may not follow through with the purchase (for various reasons).

We call this shopping cart abandonment.

Gleam Abandoned Cart Discount Capture

The theory is very simple, we need to track users that are visiting your shopping cart, then show a special offer or targeted message as they are about to leave (without purchasing).

This is a very easy set of rules to implement using Gleam Capture. You’ll need to utilise anywhere from 2 to 3 rules depending on how advanced you want to get.

First you’ll need to have a Capture template set up, if you try to exit this page you’ll see our example.

Gleam Capture Cart Abandon Rules Setup

This rule allows you to trigger the abandonment message when the user has successfully viewed the /cart/ page. The exact URL may be different depending on your CMS, but this ensures that no other users will see the offer unless they hit the specified URL.

This second rule allows you to fire the message when the user is attempting to exit the page. This means that normal users going through the shopping cart won’t see it.

The final rule allows to you to get more advanced based on your own Cookie settings. For example you may set a cookie to know the difference between someone who has purchased already or not, or you may set a cookie when a user reaches the second step of the cart so that the popup doesn’t show.

You can test our example offer by trying to leave this page so you can get a feel for the flow.


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