Increasing Competition Entries With Tabs, Popups & Capture

See how you can use our other install methods to drive more entries into your contest.

One of the hardest things about running a competition can be ensuring that your users are actually aware that you have one running, many businesses get around this by featuring their contests prominently on their homepage or by running a promotional banner across their popular pages.

This becomes difficult, especially when you have users landing on various parts of your site that don’t promote the contest at all. Luckily at Gleam we have a solution to help you show your competition to every user that visits your site – via our auto popup.

The auto popup feature is located on the tab installation method during the final step of setting up a competition or reward.

Competition Tab Setup

You have 3 options to choose when setting the behaviour of the popup:

This setting allows you to attempt to capture a user when they are moving their mouse to navigate away from your website. Perfect if you don’t want to initially interrupt users with an auto popup.

You can also choose to popup the the competition or reward as soon as the user lands on your site. This is fantastic & ensures that every user is exposed to your campaign. This particular option will work across all devices (including mobile)

The last option also pops up your campaign instantly, however if you want to exclude users on mobile devices you can select this option.

This feature opens up a lot of great use cases for Gleam beyond just competitions, here’s some of the ways you can use the auto popup to grow your business.

The main reason to setup this popup is to greatly increase the exposure of your contests, there’s no other way to get your campaign in front of 100% of your users.

Zoo Snoods Rewards Campaign

When you combine that with the fact we see some contests convert at up to 60% you can suddenly see a huge surge of actions.

This is one of the most powerful features available to e-commerce stores, studies show that if you show a coupon code field the majority of users will search for a discount on Google. Retain those users in checkout, whilst also driving valuable actions for your business.

Gleam Rewards Campaign at Checkout

The thank-you page is one of the most underutilised pages, you should always be trying to keep your customers engaged – whether it’s getting them to follow you on social channels or simply to get feedback to help improve your business or checkout process.

Gleam makes it super easy to ask simple questions after checkout.

You can take a similar tact with account signups, simply create a campaign that thanks the user for signing up & asks them to follow you on social channels to enter into a regular product draw.


Stuart McKeown

Stuart McKeown is one of the Co-founders at Gleam. Aside from writing and helping businesses grow, he also enjoys sound design and drinking tea ☕️