How to Repost Pictures on Instagram

Find out how to easily repost pictures on Instagram.

If you enter a lot of contests on Instagram, chances are you’ve come across certain posts that have asked you to either repost their image or repost one of your own (with a #hashtag) in order to enter.

Here’s an example below:

The problem is however, that Instagram doesn’t have a native way built into the app to allow you to repost images (similar to how Retweeting works on Twitter).

This can cause a lot of frustration with users who have no idea how to repost the image in question.

Check out this post below on Instagram, there’s absolutely no way in the app for me to repost it:

Instagram Giveaway Post

There’s only two real methods worth considering when attempting to repost an image on Instagram.

The first method involves downloading a 3rd party app like Repost for Instagram (available on both iOS and Android).

Once you install this app they make it super easy to repost an image. Here’s a step by step guide:

Simply open up the image inside the Instagram app first.

Instagram Giveaway Post

Click the 3 dots at the top right corner of the image, then click Copy Share URL. This will copy the URL of the image to your clipboard.

Copy Share URL on Instagram

Then open up the Repost app, it will automatically detect the Instagram URL in your clipboard and allow you to select the photo.

Instagram Repost App

Then use the Copy to Instagram option, after which you’ll need to paste the Caption (Instagram doesn’t allow them to pre-fill it, so instead they save it to your clipboard).

Repost Image on Instagram

Then you can post the image and you’re done. One of the good things about this method (and it depends what app you use) is that often they allow you to watermark and credit the original owner of the image.

This is the less desired method for reposting, as it doesn’t allow you to credit the original image owner. However it’s still viable for reposting competitions, as you generally don’t need to credit for the usage of that image.

Take a screenshot of the image that you want to repost on Instagram:

iOS: Press Home + Sleep/Wake button at the same time
Android: Volume Down + Power button at the same time

Once you have a screenshot you can open it back up in Instagram again, now you’ll need to crop out all the parts you don’t need.

Crop Repost Image on Instagram

Now just add your description, #hashtags and post it.


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