How to Create An Instagram Business Account

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We take you step by step through how to link Facebook to your Instagram account and turn it into a Business one

Instagram allows you to link a Facebook Page to your Instagram account to turn it into a Business Account.

In this guide we'll take you through the steps (and also the benefits) for setting up a Business Account on Instagram.

Before we start, you'll need one of the following:

  • An Instagram account setup
  • A Facebook Business Page (not a personal one)

Adding Your Instagram @profile to Your Facebook Page

To do this you'll need to navigate to your Facebook Page > Settings > Instagram

This will provide you with a prompt to Login With Instagram:

Once you fill out some details your setup will be complete and you'll see a summary:

Your Instagram account will now be converted into a Business account and you'll get access to a range of extra privileges.

Benefits Of An Instagram Business Account

API Access For 3rd Party Apps

On Jan 30th 2017 Instagram announced the depreciation of their old API and a migration path to the new Graph API hosted on Facebook.

This means if you used any apps that:

  • Imported user generated content from #hashtags
  • Imported images from your @profiles
  • Sent direct messages to users on Instagram
  • Scheduled content on Instagram

You must have a Business Instagram account to now use these types of apps.

Manage Instagram From Within Facebook

Another benefit is that you can now manage your Instagram comments and messages from within your Facebook inbox.

Run Instagram Ads

You also get the option within Facebook Ads to now run ads directly on Instagram, opening up a new channel to promote your business or products.