Convert Product Hunt Users With Exclusive Welcome Offers

Use this simple tactic to convert website visitors into subscribers and customers.

When you launch a product on Product Hunt you will be able to generate awareness and build interest from a highly relevant and switched on audience. If you can successfully captivate this audience you should be able generate click-throughs to your website which will put you in a perfect position to drive further action.

Users who click-through to your website from Product Hunt have already shown that they've taken an interest in your offering, so it's important that you do everything you can to convert these visitors into subscribers, users, or customers.

One great tactic you can use to drive conversions is using Gleam's Capture app to create a welcome offer which will offer a discount to users who have been referred to your website from Product Hunt.

Gleam Capture Product Hunt Welcome Offer

You can use this tactic to capture the attention of Product Hunt users visiting your site and offer a discount on your product to anyone who signs up with their email.

This is an outstanding way to grow your mailing list and drive some immediate sales which can help get the ball rolling on the growth of your new product.

Deliver Product Hunt Welcome Coupons With Gleam Capture

Offering discounts is one of the best things you can do to incentivise sales, and by limited your coupon distribution to Product Hunt users you will create a sense of exclusivity and appreciation amongst visitors which will make them even more inclined to capitalize on your offer and make a purchase.

Offering a special welcome coupon isn't only a great way to drive some sales, it's also a highly effective method of growing your mailing list which is hugely valuable to your future marketing efforts.

Most users will be more than happy to sign up to your list in exchange for a valuable discount. This is especially true for Product Hunt users who have already displayed an interest in your offering.

If you decide to run a welcome offer on your website then it's a good idea to mention the special deal on Product Hunt itself. You can do this in a comment or in your actual product post. This will help you drive more traffic to your site and ultimately generate more signups and revenue.

Creating a welcome offer for Product Hunt users is a simple and straightforward undertaking when you use Gleam Capture.

When you're creating a welcome offer, the first thing you will need to do is select the Coupon template and start customising your popup. You can learn everything you need to know about setting up your very own Capture right here in our documentation.

Setting up Product Hunt Welcome Offers With Gleam Capture

When you set up your welcome offer you will also need to set up a coupon code which users can redeem at your store and include it in your Capture. When you're making a welcome offer for Product Hunt users we recommend creating a coupon code based around this theme. For example, if you're offering a 30% discount you could use the code PRODUCTHUNT30.

The key to a Product Hunt welcome offer is making sure your offer is only presented to users who are visiting your website from Product Hunt.

When you use Gleam Capture to set up your welcome offer you can use our Referring Domain rule to ensure that your offer is only being displayed to Product Hunt users.

Using Gleam Captures Referring Domain Rule

First you will need to select the Referring Domain rule under Acquisition in the Behavioural Rules tab of the Capture setup. You can then customise the rule so the Capture will be triggered when the Referrer URL contains

With this easy trick you should be able generate email signups, drive customer acquisition and start generating revenue from the moment you launch!


Ahron Burstin

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