The Product Hunt Launch Guide: 40+ Things You Need to Know

Find out how to launch your idea on Product Hunt to get featured on the front page and drive customer acquisition.

Launching a new tech product or startup isn't exactly a walk in the park. Every new product must overcome a litany of challenges, with arguably the biggest one being finding and connecting with a relevant audience.

Every new product needs to find it's market if it wants to succeed. There are a bunch of great tactics and strategies to help you do this, but one the best ways to promote your launch, connect with an audience and find your evangelists is by launching on Product Hunt.

Product Hunt Logo

Launching on Product Hunt is an outstanding way to get your product in front of all kinds of tech enthusiasts. This can help you drastically increase website traffic, build press coverage, generate valuable feedback and most importantly find potential users.

As awesomely powerful as a successful Product Hunt launch is, it can be hard to stand out amongst the hundreds of products which are posted every week. To help you make the most of your Product Hunt launch we're going to take you through how you can make most of your launch and drive amazing results, but first we're going to take a closer look at what exactly Product Hunt is.

Product Hunt is essentially a website which allows users to share and discover new tech products.

Product Hunt Homepage

Product makers and other users can post, or hunt, new products for other Product Hunt users to check out, upvote, review, discuss and share. All new products are displayed in a daily feed, with the most popular products of each day being featured on the front page. The top 5 products of each day will even be featured by Product Hunt in the next day's newsletter which is sent out to 500k+ readers.

To put it simply, launching on Product Hunt is an awesome way to build awareness and gain traction by putting your product in front of a highly relevant audience of tech enthusiasts and influencers who can help you share your product, improve your offering and grow your user base.

Wonderurl Product Hunt Listing

Product Hunt can also function as a powerful lead generation tool after your initial launch, and you don't have to be in the pre-launch phase to get in on the action. Product Hunt works just as well for products which have already been released.

Before you post your product and launch on Product Hunt there are a few important tasks you should be sure to take care of:

The first thing you'll need to do before you launch on Product Hunt is create your account. When you set yourself up on Product Hunt you will need to make a personal account. That means no companies, logos or branding. This helps Product Hunt maintain high-quality user discourse and keep bots off of the site.

Creating a Product Hunt Account

You can login to Product Hunt with Twitter, Facebook, Google or AngelList. You then need to provide an email address, username, short bio and a few other bits and pieces and you're good to go.

Product Hunt Signup Form

Once you've setup your personal account you will need to wait a week before gaining access to post and launching your creation on Product Hunt. You can however easily bypass the waiting period and get instant posting access by signing up to the Product Hunt newsletter.

If someone else has posted your product, you will need to be added as a Maker. This will allow you to claim ownership of your product, discuss your product, answer any questions, and easily notify followers of your launch.

All you need to do to be added as a maker is send Product Hunt your username (beginning with @) and a link to your product's post and they will add you as a maker. You can reach Product Hunt:

  • Via email at
  • On Twitter @ProductHunt

Before you launch your product on Product Hunt it's important that you understand how to succeed on the platform. When you launch your product you should be aiming to be featured on Product Hunt's home page, as this is your best chance of reaching a huge audience and finding new users.

Product Hunt Popular Listings

Product Hunt features and promotes posts based on a secret algorithm. Exactly how the algorithm determines which posts should be highly ranked is unknown, but there are some key actions which are sure to help you climb the rankings and get featured:

  • Upvotes.
  • Early votes as soon as you launch.
  • Comments and discussion.
  • Votes and discussion from high-value or influential users.
  • Users clicking through to your site from your post.
  • Product Hunt automatically boosting your product because they love it.

If you can drive these actions you should be able to gain a lot of awareness on Product Hunt, but it's also important that you are able to translate this success into product adoption and other actions such as social shares. You can do this by building an awesome post and using some of the tips we'll give you in this guide.

Before you launch it's always a good idea to be active on Product Hunt and ingratiate yourself to the Product Hunt Community. You can do this by voting and commenting on products, answering Ask Product Hunt questions and conversing with relevant users.

Ask Product Hunt

Spending time on the platform will help you figure out what does and doesn't work for other products. Plus, forming connections with other users in the comments is a great way to get some influential figures in your corner when it's time to launch.

The more connections you form on Product Hunt, the more eager users you will have waiting to check out your product and give you some important early votes once it launches. This can help you drive upvotes and comments which will allow you to climb up the Product Hunt listings. Upvotes and comments from high-value users are weighted more heavily, so befriending top hunters and influencers before you launch can pay dividends.

Participating in the Product Hunt Community

Actively participating in the Product Hunt Community will also make you a more valuable user which can help your ranking once you launch, and as a bonus, any followers you net along the way will get automatically notified when you launch.

When you hunt a product all of your Product Hunt followers will be notified and directed to your post. This is a truly fantastic way to expose your product to a highly engaged and relevant audience as soon as you launch and give you a major push towards the front page. However, you will need to be build a Product Hunt following first.

Being active in the Product Hunt community is a great way to build connections and grow your following, but if you want to maximise your reach and launch to the biggest possible audience you should be taking extra measures to grow your following.

Prior to your Product Hunt launch you should be making efforts to convert your online audience into Product Hunt followers. This includes all of your social media followers, your email list and even your personal connections, whether they're personal contacts, Facebook friends or LinkedIn connections.

You can easily do this by emailing your list and posting on social media to announce your upcoming launch and encourage users to follow you on Product Hunt in order to stay in the loop and check out your product as soon as it goes live.

A great way to encourage your existing audience to follow you on Product Hunt is by offering some sort of incentive for following you. You can do this by announcing a special discount you will be offering alongside your Product Hunt launch, or by running a giveaway or rewards campaign.

With Gleam, you can easily run powerful campaigns which will offer users incentive for following you on Product Hunt.

With our Competitions app you can run powerful giveaways which allow users to enter the draw to win a prize by following you on Product Hunt and completing other actions.

ย ย Learn More ย ย Use This Template

You can also use our Rewards app to run a campaign which offers a special discount to everyone who follows you on Product Hunt. You can choose to offer discounts on your upcoming release, or on a product of yours which is already available.

One of the most important things you should be doing in the lead up to your Product Hunt launch is building your audience.

If your product is already live and you're using Product Hunt to gain some extra exposure then cultivating an audience on other platforms is clearly vital, but even if you're still in pre-launch or beta testing you should still be making efforts to build a following which can help you build awareness and launch to a captivated audience.

Having an established audience on launch day will not only help you get eyes on your Product Hunt post and boost yourself towards the front page, it will also allow you to draw attention to your new release from other sources to drive usage and sales.

Here are a few ideas you can use to grow your online following in the lead up to your launch:

  • Build a landing page to collect emails.
  • Be highly active on social media to encourage follows.
  • Run a giveaway to incentive social media follows, email signups and more.
  • Offer discounts to you mailing list to incentivise signups.
  • Beta test your product to get feedback, attract attention, and build up brand advocacy which will help you drive a lot of usage once you launch.

If you want to create an awesome landing page for your upcoming launch then you should check out Ship by Product Hunt.

Ship by Product Hunt Landing Page

Ship allows you to build landing pages which you can use to collect and send emails, conduct surveys, engage in instant messaging and more.

Users will be able to find your find your landing page on Product Hunt's Upcoming page, but you can also direct traffic to your landing page via social media.

Product Hunt Upcoming Page

Building a landing page is a great way to raise awareness before your launch and build a subscriber list of interested users who will be eager to vote, comment and use your product as soon as you go live. This will give your Product Hunt launch a major boost.

Plus, by scheduling you launch in advance you will be able to ensure that no one else posts your product before you're ready.

When you're ready to launch on Product Hunt you will need to have your product posted. There are essentially two ways you can go about doing this: having a hunter post your product for you, or hunting your product yourself.

One approach you can take to getting your product hunted is reaching out to influential top hunters and asking them to post your product.

If you take this approach you will need to provide the hunter with everything they need to post your product and do it justice. This includes all relevant information and possibly early or free access so they can get a feel for your product (and get a little reward for their efforts).

The main advantage of having an influential hunter post your product is that all of their followers will be notified of the launch, and view your product as something coming from a credible and trustworthy source. This can help you reach and connect with a wide and relevant audience.

Get Posted on Product Hunt by a Top Hunter

When you set out to find a hunter to post your product you should be looking for someone with a large following, both on Product Hunt and other platforms such as Twitter. You should also be going after hunters who align with your product. A good indication of this is if they regularly hunt products with similar target audiences to your own.

You can find top hunters by searching through well-received products on Product Hunt, or looking through this list of the top 500 hunters on Product Hunt.

If you decide to have a hunter post your product for you remember to get them to list you as a maker when they post your product.

The other approach you can take to getting your product hunted is posting it yourself. This allows you to have complete control over exactly how your product is presented and when it is posted, as well as making it easy for you to control the conversation right from the jump.

This is the approach we recommend you take, as there's a lot of value in controlling every aspect of your launch and not having to spend your time finding and trying to connect with a top influencer.

Hunt Your Own Product

This outweighs the main advantage of being hunted, as your own efforts should be able to generate enough engagement to make up for the boost you will get from having your hunter's subscribers notified of the launch. This is especially true if these subscribers follow a lot of different users and are inundated with similar notifications.

Plus, if you are an active member of the Product Hunt community prior to your launch you may have developed your own following who will be notified of your launch.

Once you've created your Product Hunt account, become a contributor, decided on who will post your product and completed all of your pre-launch prep it's time to post your product. To help you make your launch go as smoothly as possible we're going to walk you through every step of the process and give you some tips on how to optimize your post.

When you're ready to launch your product all you need to do is click the + in the top right corner of the page and start constructing your post.

How to post on Product Hunt

Here's a rundown of everything you need to include in your post:

The first thing you will need to provide when posting your product is a link to your product or company website.

Add link to your website on Product Hunt

Product Hunt will validate the link to ensure you aren't posting a product which hasn't already been submitted.

Link validation when posting on Product Hunt

The next step of posting your product involves listing some basic information about your product.

Add product information to Product Hunt

This is a straightforward one, all you need to do is provide the name of your product.

Here you can give a quick and precise description of your product in 60 characters or less. You should try to focus on the value your product offers your target audience and the needs it satisfies. Avoid clichรฉs and generic phrases and focus on the crux of what makes your product special.

Product Hunt taglines

If you can it's also a good move to include some key words which will help you get found when users are searching for specific types of products.

Adding in some relevant emojis can also help liven up your tagline and catch people's eye.

In addition to the link to your product or company website, you also have the option of adding more relevant links to your post. You can use these additional links to direct users to the App Store, the Google Play store, or your social media channels.

Add Links to Your Product Hunt Listing

You can choose topics for your product from Product Hunt's massive searchable list.

You should try to pick 3-5 topics which clearly indicate what category your product falls under. You should try to use some broad topics such as Productivity, Marketing or Tech as well as more specific one like Photography, Privacy or Board Games which can help you attract a niche audience looking for something in particular.

If there's a topic you would like to use which doesn't exist on Product Hunt you can easily submit it as a suggestion.

Add Topics to Your Product Hunt Listing

Depending on the progress of your product's development you can set your product's status as either Available Now or Pre-launch.

You can also choose to publish your product immediately or later using Product Hunt Ship.

Once you have provided the basic product info you will be able to add some accompanying media to your post.

Add Media to Your Product Hunt Listing

Your product's thumbnail is most likely the first thing users will notice when they come across your product, so you need to make it attention grabbing and engaging. Any thumbnails you upload should be 600 x 600px or bigger. This will ensure optimised image quality.

Stylish logos are always a good bet, but if you want to maximise attention then you should try using a GIF as your thumbnail, just look at how well they stand out:

GIFs allow you to display animated logos and give users a glimpse of who you are and what you do. Just remember to keep any GIFs under 3MB.

You can upload several images and videos to your post which show off your product and it's benefits. It's a good idea to include a video which demonstrates your product in action and highlight its value as well as screenshots which showcase different features, uses, and benefits of your product.

Product Hunt Gallery

YouTube videos are great to include in your gallery, but you need to note that any YouTube videos you include will show up first so you need to make sure they're high value.

Add YouTube Videos to Product Hunt Gallery

When you upload pictures, videos and GIFs to your gallery you should make sure you keep each file under 2MB.

Once you have all of your media ready to go the final step before you post your product is adding your team as makers.

You can easily add makers using their Product Hunt or Twitter usernames.

List Your Makers on Product Hunt

After your post has gone live there are a few more things you will need to attend to to ensure your launch goes as well as possible.

Once you've posted your product you will be able to add a description which will appear underneath your gallery.

Describe Your Product on Product Hunt

This description is a great opportunity to provide a more detailed explanation of your product and the unique value it provides, and encourage users to ask questions and provide feedback.

A 2-3 sentence description should be enough. You want to make it short, snappy and memorable.

When you launch your post it's a good idea to jump on and leave a comment right away. You should introduce yourself, provide some background on your product and provide any extra information you'd like people to know.

Comment on Your Product Hunt Launch

This is a great time to outline exactly who your product is for, and all the ways it can help them. You should also try to use opening comment to generate discussion. Try asking questions, encouraging feedback and offering to answer any and all questions people have about you and your product.

A strong opening comment is particularly important if someone else posted your product for you.

Product Hunt operates on a 24 hour cycle that begins every day at 12:01am PST. At 11:00am PST Product Hunt will stop featuring new uploads from that day on the home page, and instead bump any popular new submissions to the next day.

If you put out a popular post which people love then you're likely to get be featured no matter when you post your product, but to maximise your chance of success you should aim to post just after 12:00am PST. This will give you as much time as possible to gain traction and popularity.

When you launch at midnight PST you will be able to gain exposure and build traction in European markets before most people in the US start their day. This will allow you to accrue upvotes, boost your visibility and get the jump on a lot of US launches. This can put you in an excellent position to build momentum and land yourself on the front page.

If your product has already been hunted without your involvement then it's crucial that you and your team are added as makers as soon as possible.

You should then add comments highlighting anything about your product which has been left out by the poster, and encourage discussion by offering to answer questions and responding to feedback.

Comment When Someone Hunts Your Product

If you want to set up an Upcoming Page to raise awareness and grow your list before your official launch all you need to do is select Ship on the Product Hunt home page and choose Landing Page.

From there you will need to choose the goal for your upcoming page (we recommend Get Subscribers) and start customising your page.

Setting up an upcoming page on Product Hunt

This involves choosing design elements:

Product Hunt Ship Design Elements

And providing some basic information about your product which is required to sign up for Ship:

Add basic info to Upcoming Product Hunt Page

Before you can further customise your upcoming page you will need to select your Ship plan. The free basic plan allows you to build a simple landing page you can use to collect emails. You can choose templates, personalise colour schemes and include a product description and social links.

Pied Piper Product Hunt Page

This can be a great page to direct personal connections and social media users to as a way of growing your list, but if you want to be featured on Product Hunt's Upcoming Page and access more advanced features you will need a Pro or Super Pro Ship subscription. This will cost you $59 a month for a yearly subscription, or $79 a month for a monthly subscription.

Product Hunt Ship Pricing Plans

This can be an outstanding way to raise awareness from high value Product Hunt users and help ensure that you're a launching to sizeable and relevant crowd, so if you can spare the expense it's generally a good move.

Once you've launched your compelling product post you should be in an outstanding position to drive upvotes, prompt discussion, and climb the rankings. But in order to make the most of your launch and get featured you will still need to be actively building engagement and promoting your product.

Making it to the home page of Product Hunt is an incredible opportunity to reach a huge audience and build product awareness, and the day you launch is the one chance you have to be featured on it.

Google Earth Studio Product Hunt Listing

Here are a few tips and tactics you can use to make the most of your launch, engage your audience, boost your rankings and help drive acquisition:

Getting in the comments and asking for feedback is a simple but highly effective means of driving discussion and promoting your product. Not only will this give you the opportunity to further explain your product and highlight it's benefits, but you'll also be able to generate valuable feedback which can help you improve your offering.

Use Product Hunt to Ask For Feedback

Product Hunt users who have lots of upvotes, followers, products made and products submitted are considered high-value users, as their upvotes and comments carry a lot more weight than other users.

Upvotes and comments from these users can give your rankings a serious boost and help you reach the front page, so if you can get a bunch of high-value hunters and influencers to check out your product you will put yourself in a great position to succeed.

Connect With Top Hunters

A good way to get top hunters and influencers to check out your product on launch day is to connect and form a relationship with them on Product Hunt and other platforms in the months leading up to your launch. You can do this by participating in discussions with them on their own posts, or reaching out to them on Twitter. You can find high-value users by checking user stats on Product Hunt or using this list of the top 500 hunters on Product Hunt.

500 Hunters Website

When you launch you will then be able to reach out to your powerful connections, let them know you've launched, and ask them to check out your post and leave you some feedback. Any upvotes and comments you get from these users can seriously boost your rankings. Plus, you might be able to get some awesome advice from some highly experienced people.

On launch day it's incredibly important that you or someone in your team is constantly monitoring Product Hunt to answer questions and respond to feedback as soon as it appears. This has a few benefits:

  • Responding to queries and comments will allow you to engage in discussion which will help you endear your product to your customers and generate thoughtful advice and feedback.
  • Prompt responses to comments will help you generate more discussion which can help build good will, generate valuable feedback and help you improve your Product Hunt ranking.
  • Product Hunt factors in response time when deciding which posts will be featured, so quickly responding to comments can give you boost towards the home page.
Answer Questions on Product Hunt

As soon as your product goes live on Product Hunt it's important for you and everyone else on your team to get themselves listed as makers and get the ball rolling on discussion (Remember, comments are a factor in determining your ranking).

A good opening comment is one which explains the core purpose your product fulfills, and invites all users to ask questions and engage in further discussion.

How to Explain Your Product on Product Hunt

You should be using your comments to:

  • Explain your product.
  • Show people how it works and who it works for.
  • Answer questions and respond to feedback.
  • Post articles and write-ups about your product.

Getting listed as a maker immediately and taking control of the conversation is particularly important if you have had a hunter post your product for you.

There's nothing wrong with launching on Product Hunt before you have entirely perfected your product. The Product Hunt community loves new things, so it's a great audience to share your new product with.

Typeform v2 Product Hunt Listing

Posting an upcoming product on Product Hunt is a great way to get valuable feedback which will help you perfect your offering and build awareness in the lead up to your release. This can help you launch to an established audience and get the ball rolling on product adoption and social sharing the instant you go live.

We already outlined how you can setup your own upcoming page above but it's worth noting that this is a terrific way to build engagement on Product Hunt.

Upcoming pages can help you generate interest in your product, encourage feedback which can help you perfect your product for launch, and grow your subscriber base so you have a built-in audience ready to go when you eventually post your product.

Offer discounts on your Upcoming Product Hunt Page

Offering subscribers a discount on your product is a brilliant way to encourage signups and give your marketing efforts a major boost.

At the end of the day, the best way to ensure that people are upvoting, discussing and sending your product to the front page is by building an awesome product which people love.

If people like your product they will generally upvote it. So remember to devote most of your efforts to building the best product you possibly can.

Periscope Product Hunt Listing Page

As well as making efforts to engage the audience you attract on Product Hunt, you should also be doing what you can to drive relevant traffic to your Product Hunt post from external channels.

Driving traffic to your product can be a great launch-day strategy for building awareness and climbing up the ranking, but it's also a good idea to build an upcoming page for your product and drive traffic to it prior to your launch.

This can help you build a strong subscriber base which you can direct to your post the second you launch and start generating the upvotes and comments required to get you featured.

Here are a few outstanding tactics you can use to promote your Product Hunt launch and drive traffic to your product post or upcoming page:

In the lead up to your Product Hunt launch you should be growing your online following and forming connections so that when you do launch, you're launching to a switched on and excited audience.

If you have friends and acquaintances that you think would be interested in your product you should always tell them about it and ask them to check you out on Product Hunt and upvote your post. This is particularly effective if these connections are already active on Product Hunt.

Try reaching out to your friends and other connections through email, LinkedIn, or any other social media or messaging apps you use to keep in touch with them.

It's a good move to get everyone on your team to be active on Product Hunt prior to your launch and Upvote and engage in discussion on the product when it goes live. This will help you maximising engagement and increase your odds of getting featured.

Get the whole team involved on Product Hunt

If you are active in any Slack channels, Facebook groups or Subreddits for founders and marketers then you should discuss your product in the lead up to your launch and ask these communities to check out your Product Hunt post or upcoming page when it launches. This is a great way to get relevant users to check out your product, help boost your post on Product Hunt, and find yourself some new users.

Sharing Product Hunt Launch on Reddit

This tactic can be particularly effective if you join and participate in online communities who are regularly active on Product Hunt.

If you've built a pre-launch mailing list (which you really should do) then you should be using email to promote your Product Hunt launch.

You can do this by:

  • Including subtle plugs which direct users to your upcoming page in the lead up to your launch.
  • Sending out an email as soon as you launch which asks subscribers to go check out your post on Product Hunt.

This one is better suited for once you've already launched, but it's still worth mentioning.

If you had a successful launch then it can be worth reaching out to journalists from sites like Medium, TechCrunch and anywhere else relevant and asking if they would be interested in covering your story.

Product Hunt Launch Covered by Press

Sending out emails to journalists on launch day can help you get a quick write-up (or even a Tweet) and an immediate boost in traffic. Even if you aren't lucky enough to get some press-coverage you'll still be able to expose your product to a bunch of journalists who may very well upvote your product and keep it in mind for the future.

Social media marketing is another outstanding strategy for drawing attention to your product and promoting your Product Hunt launch.

Just like we mentioned earlier, building an online audience in the lead up to your launch can put you in a very advantageous position when you launch, as you'll have an interested audience waiting to check you out on Product Hunt and try your product.

You can build your audience on social media by continuously posting engaging content, cross-pollinating your online audiences, and running giveaways which incentivise users to follow you on various platforms and share your product with friends.

Posting interesting social media content isn't only important for building your following, it's also necessary for keeping your audience engaged so when you do launch, you're launching to an excited audience who can't wait to check out your product.

A great way to keep your online audience engaged is by taking them along for the ride as you build and promote your product. Keep them in the loop about all of your progress, promote new features as you develop them and highlight all the exciting uses your product has.

This will help you promote your product, keep your audience attentive and excited and endear yourself towards the Product Hunt community who generally have a keen interest in the ongoing development of up and coming products.

Remember to maintain activity across all of your platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. You should also try to convert your social media following into email subscribers, as this will give you an extra promotional edge.

The day you launch on Product Hunt is one of the most important days on your social media calender.

You need to be all over social media on the day you launch on Product Hunt (and the days leading up to it). You should be announcing your launch with eye-catching and engaging posts which grab people's attention, get them excited and send them to your Product Hunt post. This will be particularly effective if your social following is populated with Product Hunt members whose votes will carry a bit more weight.

When you post about your Product Hunt launch on Twitter it's a good idea to tag @ProductHunt in the tweet. Sometimes they'll retweet you which can drastically amplify your reach and expose you to a huge new audience.

If you're bringing in website visitors from email blasts, social media, or organic searches then it can be a good idea to alert them to your presence on Product Hunt with popups or subtle notifications.

Use Gleam Capture to Promote Your Product Hunt Launch

This is a good move if you have an upcoming page on Product Hunt and are trying to draw attention to your presence on the platform and build your subscriber list before you launch. When you do eventually launch you can then easily start using the same popup or notification to drive traffic to your post instead of your upcoming page.

With Gleam's Capture app you can easily build and customise your own powerful popups and notifications which will drive traffic to Product Hunt and help promote your launch.

A nifty tactic you can try out is driving traffic to a Product Hunt search page for your product instead of the product post itself. Product Hunt can weight upvotes from traffic which comes from a direct link lower than traffic from within Product Hunt, so sending users to the search page where they can then click on your product may help you overcome this.

Product Hunt Search Page

All you have to do is search for your product on Product Hunt and grab the URL of the search. You can then devote your promotional efforts to sharing this link via social media, email, website notifications and giveaways.

One particularly powerful strategy you can use to promote your upcoming product is running a promotional giveaway.

Running a promotional giveaway involves giving away a prize to incentivise users to complete various actions which will help you grow your online audience, promote your product and gain traction on Product Hunt.

If you run your giveaway with Gleam's Competitions App you can award entries to users who upvote your product or follow you on Product Hunt. This is an outstanding way to build your Product Hunt audience for future launches as well as drive upvotes which will help you make your way to the front page.

Check out this demo we put together to get a feel for what your own giveaway could look like:

ย ย Learn More ย ย Use This Template

These actions are particularly effective if your audience includes Product Hunt users, as their upvotes will carry a lot more weight when it comes to getting featured. Even if you don't make the front page, upvotes from lower value Product Hunt users can still be very valuable as posts with lots of upvotes tend to catch people's eye and make them more inclined to check you out.

Whether you're running a giveaway before, during, or after your Product Hunt launch there are loads of other hugely powerful actions you can drive to promote your product with Gleam. These include:

  • Subscribe to your mailing list.
  • Follow you on Twitter.
  • Tweet or Retweet a post about your Product Hunt launch. This should include a link to your Product Hunt post.
  • Check out your upcoming page, or your website with our Visit action.

Including other actions will allow you to maximise the value you get out of your campaign by driving additional actions and offering up entry methods which users who don't use Product Hunt can still complete.

When you run a giveaway, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is what you want to offer up as a prize. Giving away your own product or a subscription to your service generally makes for an ideal prize, but this is dependent on what your product is.

A good approach to choosing a prize is offering up a product or bundle of products which your target audience will love. For example, if your product is a business tool then office supplies such as desk chairs, computers, monitors and noise canceling headphones can all make for great prizes. Or, if you made a music app you could give away a music-related prize.

The key is to understand your target audience and offer a prize that is bound to encourage them to enter your giveaway.

Once your giveaway is all set up and ready to go you will need to go out there and promote it.

There are a few key things you should be doing to promote your giveaway:

  • Mailing your list.
  • Posting across all of your social media channels.
  • If you want to use your giveaway to promote your launch and try to get featured on Product Hunt then you should be building hype on social media in the week leading up to the giveaway as well as making several posts throughout the day.
  • With Gleam you can include Viral Share actions which will aid your promotional efforts by encouraging entrants to share the giveaway with their friends.

As well as using a giveaway to drive users to your Product Hunt post, you can also use giveaways to drive further action from users who have already discovered you on Product Hunt.

You can include a link to your giveaway in your opening comment or description on Product Hunt and let users enter the draw to win a prize by upvoting your product, following you on Product Hunt, following you on Twitter, signing up to you mailing list and much much more.

Gleam Giveaway For Product Hunt Audience

This is a great way to incentivise upvotes from high value users who are already active in the Product Hunt community. This will allow you to accrue more heavily weighted votes and make your way to the front page.

Plus, by driving additional actions you will also be able to convert your Product Hunt visitors into online followers which can drastically help your future promotional efforts.

When you launch a product on Product Hunt it's always a great idea to offer up a discount to Product Hunt users who discover your product. This will allow you to build excitement and encourage users to purchase your product. Plus, if you gate your discounts you will also be able to drive an array of powerful actions such as upvotes and signups.

The easiest way you can offer discounts is by including a discount code in your description, opening comment or upcoming page.

By letting them know they can get your product at a discounted rate you will be able pique your audience's interest and encourage them to investigate your product and make a purchase.

Offer Discount Codes on Product Hunt

This is a fantastic way to find some early adopters and kickstart customer acquisition.

With Gleam's Capture app you can build custom popups and notifications which you can use to offer discount codes to visitors who came to your site via Product Hunt. You can easily set this up with our Referring Domain rule.

Announcing a discount in your Product Hunt description or comment and directing users to your website to claim it is a terrific way to drive website visits and make purchase even more enticing.

Use Gleam Capture to Create Product Hunt Welcome Offers

Plus, with Capture you can gate your discount code behind an email signup form so you can also use your discount to grow your list and give your future promotional efforts a huge leg-up.

Learn More About Creating a Welcome Offer

Find out how you can create your own Product Hunt welcome offer and start converting website visitors into customers and subscribers.

You don't have to limit this type of offering to Product Hunt users. You can use Capture to offer discounts to all website visitors or visitors who were referred from other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

You can also offer discount codes to users who complete designated actions by running a Rewards campaign with Gleam. When you run a Rewards campaign you can drive high-value actions of your choosing by offering up discount codes to users who complete them.

ย ย Use This Template

You can direct users to your Reward from Product Hunt, Twitter, Facebook, Email Newsletters and any other active channels and offer them discounts for:

  • Upvoting your product.
  • Following you on Product Hunt.
  • Subscribing to your newsletter.
  • Following you on Twitter.
  • Retweeting a post about your Product Hunt launch.
  • And much more.

This will allow you to promote your Product Hunt launch and help you get discovered whilst also driving immediate sales.

With all these tips and strategies in mind you should be feeling ready to get started with your very own Product Hunt launch. For more tips on launching a new product take a look a look at some of our other helpful guides:

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