How to Grow Your Online Store This Spring With Gleam

How to Grow Your Online Store This Spring With Gleam


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No matter how you want to drive growth this spring, Gleam's got you covered.

Spring is officially here and it's the perfect time to drive sales with a fun and engaging promotional campaign. To help you get started we've put together some of our favourite ideas for using Gleam to drive growth this spring.

From attention-grabbing giveaways and community-building photo contests to storewide sales and unlockable discounts, we've got highly effective campaign ideas for whatever your business goals might be.

We'll Cover:

Celebrate Easter With Fun Campaigns

Easter is the biggest event on the spring calendar and it's a great opportunity for you to get in on the fun by running your own campaign with Gleam. Check out these sure-fire ways to engage your audience and promote your store this easter.

Easter Giveaways

Running a giveaway where users can complete various entries for a chance to win a prize is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways you can delight your audience and drive user action that matters to you.

Easter is a perfect backdrop for this type of campaign, and Gleam Competitions makes it easy to create and run your own Easter giveaway in an instant. Check out our Easter Template to see how you could use a giveaway to promote your store this Easter.

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Plus, you can always customise your campaign to match your business goals, and with our massive selection of unique action types you'll have no trouble building a campaign that's perfect for you.

Your own products generally make for the best prize, and you can throw in some Easter Eggs or a festive gift basket to capitalise on the Easter excitement.

Virtual Easter Egg Hunts

A particularly delightful and engaging type of giveaway you can run is an online Easter Egg Hunt where users can search your website and social channels to hunt down Easter Egg codes that they can use to enter your giveaway.

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This is a fun and lighthearted way to engage your audience while encouraging them to check out your social content, website and products.

You can even slowly release your Easter Eggs to keep users coming back for more.

Easter Flash Sales

The Easter weekend also provides you with an awesome opportunity to run a flash sale and drive some instant sales.

As well as spreading the word about your sale on social media, it's also crucial to make sure you're promoting the flash sale within your online store. Visitors have already shown a clear interest in your products, just give them that final push.

Easter Sale Countdown Gleam Capture

An outstanding way to build a sence of urgency around your Easter sale and encourage visitiors to take immediate actions is by creating a countdown popup with Gleam's Capture app.

As well as being a brilliant way to drive sales, countdown popups can also be used to grow your mailing list by requiring visitors to signup in order to unlock a promo code to access your sale.

Throw a Spring Sale

One of the best ways to drive sales from new and existing customers alike is throwing an irresistible spring sale or offering up some exclusive promo codes.

Whether you have a new spring line launching, want to clear out last season's stock, or just want to capitalise on the post spring cleaning shopping surge now's the perfect time for a sale.

With Gleam, you can take your sale to the next level by promoting from within your website with popups and notifications, or gating your discounts behind valuable actions.

Promote Your Sale With Capture

When you run a sale you want to make sure that everyone who visits your website is instantly aware of your special deals and prompted to take immediate action.

There's no better way to do this than with Gleam's Capture app.

Immediately grab potential customer's attention with popups, build urgency with countdowns, or give visitors a constant reminder of your awesome deals with subtle and stylish bars and notifications.

Run Spring Sales and Promote Them With Gleam's Capture Bars

Offer Gated Discounts

As well as using Capture to promote your sale and encourage users to take action, you can also use it to lock promo codes behind and email signup.

You can use this tactic to require users to join your mailing to access the sale, or you can offer extra bonus discounts to users who subscribe.

This is a brilliant way to use your sale to not only drive sales but also grow your mailing list and give your long-term marketing efforts a significant boost.

If you want to use discounts to drive user action beyond email signups you should consider running a Rewards campaign.

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With Rewards you can gate your discounts behind any number of powerful actions and leverage your sales event to grow your email list, drive social interactions and so much more.

Build Your Community With Photo Contests

One of the most powerful assets any e-commerce business can get their hands on is user-generated content.

Photos of real customers enjoying your products acts as visually appealing social proof that will help engage your audience, build product trust and promote your products in an authentic, relatable and reliable manner.

With Gleam you can use our photo contest templates to instantly create and run your own photo contests that allow entrants to submit photos from a variety of sources for a chance to win your prize.

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You can get users to submit their photos by posting them to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with a designated #hashtag or @mention which allows you to collect awesome content for your own marketing material while having it organically shared across social media by your biggest brand advocates.

Once you've got your hands on some awesome content you can get to work sharing it across your own social channels or using at as social proof on your website with Gleam's Galleries app.

These are some of our favourite ideas for ways you can use Gleam to grow your online store and drive sales this spring, but with our fully customisable apps and huge selection of pre-built templates for Competitions and Rewards the possibilities are truly endless.

So remember, however you want to drive growth this spring, Gleam's got you covered.