30+ Easter Giveaway & Prize Ideas for Spring

Make the most of the Easter festivities and host a giveaway. It's a sure way to boost engagement, gain followers, increase your mailing list and much more!

Easter is around the corner, and it's the perfect time for businesses to engage their audience with themed giveaways. Giveaways are an awesome way to drive meaningful action like growing your mailing list, gaining followers, boosting social media engagement, and loads more.

These Easter giveaway ideas are both practical and easy to implement, and have a fun twist on the new Spring season. So, let's dive in and discover how you can elevate your Easter marketing game with these exciting and effective giveaway and prize ideas.

All of these giveaway ideas are perfect to run using Gleam. It's way easier and far more effective to run a giveaway through a third party app rather than directly through your social media posts because you can keep track and store all of the important entry details like email addresses, offer different entry actions like subscribing to mailing lists or submitting photos, and you can fairly and easily pick the winner, weeding out any duplicated or fake entries. Plus, you don't need to manually check if users have completed each action, like following your page or liking a post, as Gleam has plenty of features that will cover that for you.

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A super effective giveaway idea is simply asking your followers to like, comment, subscribe, or share your post for a chance to win a prize. This is great because it values your followers' time, they don't have to spend ages creating entry content because they can quickly tag or like your content. This means you're likely to get interest! Simplicity is key to driving a higher volume of engagement and entries.

You can use this method for so many different giveaways and prizes, just make sure you check the regulations for each app — Facebook has specific promotion guidelines on their platform.

The Golden Ticket Giveaway is perfect for E-commerce platforms, designed to turn online shopping into a fun treasure hunt. This campaign cleverly places virtual golden tickets in various places, such as within order confirmation emails, in your product packaging, or in a raffle after you make a purchase.

Rewards for finding golden tickets can vary from discounts, free products, to exclusive offers, adding an element of surprise and continuous engagement. This keeps loyal customers returning and purchasing, hopeful for more lucrative finds. Showcasing the winners and their prizes on social media can create a buzz, boosting engagement even more and drawing in a broader audience.

Golden Ticket Giveaway promoted on Instagram Reels by Billy and Margot

This interactive campaign is centered around the concept of hiding secret codes across your digital platforms, which users can discover and submit to gain entries. These codes can be cleverly placed within your website's content, tucked away in social media posts, hidden in the comments or a story. The idea is to create an online scavenger hunt, where users are incentivized to explore your social media activity more thoroughly, turn post notifications on, and keep an eye on everything you post. This method encourages customers to engage more deeply with your online presence, not just browsing but actively searching for these hidden treasures.

When users find these virtual Easter eggs, they can have a code written on them or users can describe in the submission box the colour and placement of the egg. Those who answer correctly and find the egg can win a prize. Depending on how difficult it was to find the egg, you can increase the value of the prize. You can either offer 1 big prize, or you can offer discount codes and freebies to the first 50 people that find the egg.

The easiest way to do this giveaway is through a third party app like Gleam. This is because if you run it directly through social media, you'll have to scour through your DM's to validate the entries. This method isn't very fair, as some entries might get missed.

Plus, we already have a template you can use here:

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Using Gleam templates is a powerful tool to easily boost engagement. We have a variety of fully customizable campaign templates with which you can give away awesome prizes and encourage users to complete actions such as joining your email list, following you on social media, visiting your website, referring friends and so much more.

Post an Easter-themed image and invite users to submit their best captions and tag a friend to gain exposure from new, relevant audiences. It's a straightforward yet engaging way to encourage interaction and engagement beyond just liking a post. The funniest or most creative caption wins a prize, giving an incentive for users to comment on your post.

South Street Burger Easter Caption Contest promoted on Instagram

This contest type is great for boosting engagement and giving your followers a platform to showcase their creativity. Introduce weekly themes for the caption contest to keep the engagement fresh and continuous.

You can ask users to comment their caption ideas, but it might be tricky to keep track and choose a winner because you have to manually scroll through your commments to pick a winner. Instead, you can try one of our Quick Draw templates to make the entry process and winner selection a breeze because you can import Instagram post comments into the platform where a number of winners are drawn randomly and instantly. Doing it this way makes your business and giveaway more credible because you can record the draw and post it on social media, proving you picked the winners randomly.

This is a straightforward yet effective way to get some interesting user-generated content and build your mailing list at the same time. Encourage your audience to post their favorite recipes in the comments or host your competition with Gleam and add the link to the giveaway in your bio. This will result in a collection of Easter dishes and recipes either on your post comments, or you can share your recipe entries that users submitted through the entry form in the style that best suits your brand. This is an awesome idea that brings value to your page.

This campaign can be adapted across various platforms; use Instagram for sharing appetizing images of the dishes, Facebook for detailed recipe posts, and Twitter for quick, engaging snippets about each recipe. A compilation of the best recipes could also be featured in a blog post on your business website or a dedicated YouTube video, expanding the reach and engagement of the campaign.

You could also incorporate a voting system for the recipe exchange to select a community favorite, and the winner can win a food related prize.

Easter recipe contest by Star Fine Foods promoted on Instagram

This template makes this idea super quick and easy for you and your participants. It has pre-configured fields that entrants can fill out for easy formatting and data storage, making it easier for you to read and share.

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Engage your audience with a Virtual Easter Trivia Night, a fun and interactive way to celebrate the season. Host an online trivia event that's all about Easter themes, ranging from historical facts to popular Easter traditions.

This activity is a great example for social media platforms where you can engage with followers in real-time, enhancing community interaction and offering a unique and entertaining experience. You can do this via livestream, interactive stories, or online tickets to a zoom event.

Ohio's New Educators Trivia Contest promoted on Instagram

Motivate your followers with an Easter Fitness Challenge. This campaign encourages participants to engage in a week of fitness activities that you challenge them to, sharing their journey on social media.

Offering prizes like a month's worth of free class passes or a new gym set can incentivize participation and makes the challenge even more appealing, increasing sales and the likelihood of returning customers.

This is great for any brands that have a focus on wellness, like fitness influencers, gyms, or sports tech or equipment businesses.

Invite your followers to take part in an Easter Photo Contest. This campaign is a simple and interactive way to generate a gallery of Easter-themed user-generated content. Encouraging your audience to share their Easter photos, whether it's of festive decorations, family gatherings, or Easter outfits, creates an engaging platform for users to showcase their creativity and Easter spirit.

This type of contest enhances social media engagement because users are incentivized to share your business with their social circle and followers. User-generated content is great because it adds an element of social proof, it's similar to a review. It also means you can repurpose the content for your own social media channels, taking some of the content creation workload off you.

Share your favourite Easter story contest on Instagram

Try out our photo contest template here:

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Gleam is such a powerful tool to run your photo contests with because you can collect and store images and really easily pick the winner. Plus, after the contest is all done, you can showcase all of your entries using Gleam Galleries. Showcasing your content in a gallery is perfect because you can display all of the beautiful content from your Competition all in one place, drive more interaction by having people vote and share the curated images, and you can embed it anywhere that accepts HTML.

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Here are some fun Easter-themed photo contests you can try out:

Host an Egg Decorating Contest and ask your followers to share photos of their decorated easter baskets and eggs below. This contest is a simple yet effective way to engage your audience, and it is great to utilize an activity that users may already be doing around Easter anyway. It's a festive and interactive activity that can bring a colorful and fun dimension to your social media presence during Easter.

squishmallows Easter Egg Decorating Contest on Instagram

This campaign is an excellent way to engage your audience in showcasing their creativity and love for home decoration. Participants can enter by following your business and sharing a photo of their home decorated for spring with your dedicated hashtag. Offering a Springtime Home Decor Bundle as a prize not only incentivizes participation but also aligns perfectly with the theme of renewal and freshness that spring brings.

Christmas Elves Easter Decorating Contest on Instagram

This contest is ideal for increasing engagement on platforms like Instagram or Pinterest, where visual aesthetics are key. It also offers an opportunity for your followers to take pride in their living spaces, creating a personal connection with your brand.

This template is the perfect way to capitalize on the excitement of Easter for this giveaway and generate leads, grow your social media presence, drive sharing and much more.

This contest can include a wide range of activities, from painting Easter eggs to making handmade Easter hats. It's a perfect opportunity for users to showcase their artistic skills and share their festive ideas and creations.

Encourage participants to make more entries and submit photos of their crafts for a chance to win prizes. This type of contest is not only fun and engaging but also encourages community interaction and creativity. It's a great way to generate user-generated content that is both diverse and reflective of your audience's creativity.

Wraptious Tea Towel Competition on Instagram

Ask users to enter your contest by uploading a video doing a dance challenge to a trending sound and tagging your business. Create a hashtag for this contest so you can see all of the entries. Try doing this on TikTok as the videos will have viral potential, meaning loads of people will see the entries and they might participate too. Dance challenges are huge on TikTok so this is a great way to jump on the trend and use it to increase engagement with your business, and also to generate some really fun user generated content. You could make it Easter themed by either using an Easter sound, or incorporating some fun Easter moves into the routine.

Make sure you offer a good prize for this as the user will have to put a fair bit of effort into this!

In the following section, we'll explore a range of prize ideas perfect for Easter giveaways. These prizes are designed to offer something special for your target audience.

From adventure packs that cater to outdoor enthusiasts to relaxing self-care packages, each idea aims to add excitement and value to your Easter campaigns. Let's delve into these great prize options that can make your Easter giveaways stand out and engage your target audience.

Offer an Easter book bundle as a thoughtful and engaging prize. Curate a collection of Easter-themed books suitable for all ages to enjoy, you can include Easter themed children's books and best sellers for adults.

Encourage baking and creativity with a create-your-own Easter cookie kit giveaway. These kits, complete with ingredients and decorations, provide a fun activity for families and baking enthusiasts. Plus, the winners can share their creations on social media, increasing your brand awareness through some yummy user-generated content.

A wine bundle is an ideal prize for Easter celebrations. Giving away a selection of fine wines is great for anyone planning a family meal or just enjoys nice wine.

Offering a subscription to a sports club or outdoor sports equipment, like tennis rackets or running shoes, is a perfect prize as the weather gets warmer. It encourages outdoor activity and fitness as people start spending more time outside.

Offer an Easter self-care package to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for your audience. Including items like candles, bath bombs, and other relaxation products and gifts, this giveaway is ideal for those looking to unwind and indulge in some self-care during the holiday season.

Easter Facial Giveaway on Instagram

All in all, giveaways are such a great marketing tool to boost engagement, generate leads, increase your mailing list, and much more. Choose your entry requirements based on what you want the giveaway to achieve, get creative, and promote across all of your platforms and channels. Adding an Easter twist to your giveaway is a fun way to offer something a little bit different and get your followers excited about what you have to offer!


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