App Download Actions

Image showing Apple and Andriod logos

This documentation covers how App Download Actions work.

Applications that support App Download actions:

Download An App

The App Download action allows you to redirect users to your App download page on the iTunes or Google Play stores. This action is triggered OnClick which means that we do not validate if the user installs the app or not.

Validation: Click

Admin View

Gleam interface showing app download fuction

If you use a 3rd party app tracking provider you are welcome to use their deep links inside this action instead of the direct app store links.

Public View

The public view is device aware:

  • Desktop: It will show both links (if added)
  • On Mobile: It will show the Apple App Store on iOS and the Google Play Store on Android

App Download Example

How Can I Track App Installs?

Tracking App installs is a complex problem that we don't currently tackle. Ideally you should use your own App install tracking provider to create a deep link that you can use for your Gleam campaign.

You will then be able to attribute how many installs came directly from Gleam.