Custom Actions

Create a Custom Action with your own tracking configuration that you can incentivize on the Gleam platform.

This documentation covers how Custom Actions work.

Apps that support Custom actions:

Custom Actions allow you to create any sort of action type that doesn't exist natively within the Gleam interface. This option opens up millions of potential combinations for your creative mind.

Setting up a custom action is fairly open ended, since you can create whatever you want. In the admin area you must give the action a Title that will be shown on the widget before it's clicked, once you do that you are ready to fill out the bulk of the actual action - this area accepts basic HTML (and here are instructions for adding buttons.

Gleam interface showing custom action tab

Using this option will simply allow users to continue from the action right away. This option presents the least amount of friction.

If you need some information to validate if a user actually completed an action then you can ask a question.

  • What was your OrderID?
  • Paste in the URL you shared our post on
  • What email address did you signup with?
  • What name did you post a comment with?

The format field allows you to verify questions against a specific regex. This is particularly useful for validating an input is the correct length or meets a certain pattern.

Gleam widget showing custom action field

This greatly enhances things like OrderID as you know your OrderID's follow a specific format. We also have customers that are using this field for things like:

  • Validating codes handed out in-Store
  • Getting users to SMS a number for a code to enter

This is an advanced feature only available to Business customers, contact us if you need help setting this up.


You can also use the Secret Code action to achieve a similar result as the Format field with more flexibility.

Business customers can use Custom Action Tracking to fire the Javascript tracking API when the user has completed a required conversion.

Sometimes, the tracking may not work with certain browser combinations, cookies or plugins. You also then have the option to allow a fallback question for those users that can't unlock the action.

You can add images to your Gleam custom action using the img HTML tag. Please note that you must store the images yourself somewhere (i.e. Dropbox).

You have the ability to add custom colours as HEX codes to your custom action types, you can also give them custom icons using the icon code from the Font Awesome link provided.

Please note that certain countries have No Purchase Necessary laws that require sweepstakes & giveaways to offer a free alternative to entry methods that require a purchase.

If your Custom Action requires entrants to make a purchase or donation, you can automatically add a free entry alternative by selecting 'A purchase or donation is required for users to complete this Action'.

The free entry alternative will only appear to entrants in countries where it is legally required.

Custom actions allow you to create your own action type from scratch, they are also useful to create an action type that perhaps isn't supported by Gleam yet.

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