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Secret Code Action

This documentation covers how the Secret Code action works.

Applications that support Secret Codes actions:

Secret Code

The Secret Code action is a unique action type that allows you to validate an input before allowing the user to continue.


  • Password protect a campaign
  • Run a treasure hunt
  • Validate OrderID's
  • Validate numbers from Printable Coupons or Flyers
  • Incentivise users to in-store to get a code for more entries

Validation: Code Entry

Admin View

This action allows you to set an entry interval for how often it can be completed. This means you can allow users to enter a code once, or multiple times.

Codes are converted to UPPERCASE on import and reflect that during input.

Multiple Codes

If you need to use more than 1 code we offer the ability to upload a CSV. The CSV must either be comma separated or each code must be on a new line.

The Business plan allows you to use up to 50k secret codes per campaign, if you have more than that just contact support and we'll quote on a limit increase.

Public View

Secret Code Example

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