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This documentation covers how the Secret Code action works.

Applications that support Secret Codes actions:

The Secret Code Action is available on the Hobby Competitions plan and above and any Rewards plan.

Secret Code

The Secret Code action is a unique action type that allows you to validate an input before allowing the user to continue.


  • Password protect a campaign
  • Run a treasure hunt
  • Validate OrderID's
  • Validate numbers from Printable Coupons or Flyers
  • Incentivise users to in-store to get a code for more entries

Validation: Code Entry

Admin View

This action allows you to set an entry interval for how often it can be completed. This means you can allow users to enter a code once, or multiple times.

Codes are converted to UPPERCASE on import and reflect that during input.

Admin view for Secret Code Action on

Multiple Codes

If you need to use more than 1 code we offer the ability to upload a CSV. The CSV must either be comma separated or each code must be on a new line.

Your plan will determine the maximum number of secret codes that you can add per campaign, yearly plans offer double the monthly limit. If you need more than this limit you can upgrade your plan or we can quote on a limit increase.

Upload multiple Secret Codes with a CSV file

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