Disqus Actions


This documentation covers the actions that we support via Disqus.

Applications that support Disqus actions:

Comment On a Post/Article

Disqus is a platform that allows you to easily allow users to comment on your articles or blog posts. Gleam allows you to verify completion of these comments as part of an entry into a Competition or when redeeming a Reward.

In order for the integration to work your Disqus must be setup on the URL of the post that you want users to comment on.

Admin View

Adding a Disqus action is easy, just enter the URL of the article you would like users to comment on. The URL of the button will automatically update to this on save.

The Open Blog Post button will automatically update to the correct URL when you save the campaign. You are free to change the test on the button.

Gleam interface showing adding disqus action

Public View

When users are completing the action we first send them to the required URL to write their comment. Once completed we will check that the comment exists and verify the entry.

Live Demo