Eventbrite Actions

This documentation covers the actions that we support via Eventbrite.

Applications that support Eventbrite actions:

Want to run an Eventbrite contest but not sure where to start? Check out everything you need to know about running Eventbrite contests with Gleam including powerful demos, best practice examples, feature breakdowns and expert guides.


Any of the Eventbrite actions in Gleam require the user to authenticate via the Gleam.io Eventbrite app. They will see the following dialogue before they give access.

Attend An Event

Attend An Event allows you to award actions to users that are attending an event in the future or have attended an event in the past. A fantastic way to award loyal fans ☺

Admin View

Public View

Attend A Venue

Attend a Venue allows you to award users that have attended a specific venue before. Great to help promote the venues that you work with (or your own).

Admin View

Public View

Eventbrite Competition Example

Known Eventbrite Issues

No known Eventbrite issues to date.