Loyalty Bonus Actions

Loyalty Bonus Action for Gleam

This documentation covers how Loyalty Bonus actions work. The benefit of this action type is that you can give users bonus entries based on the number of your campaigns that they have previously entered.

Applications that support Loyalty Bonus Actions:

Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty Bonuses allow you to create tiered actions that award users a designated number of entries depending on how many of your campaigns they have entered before.

Each Loyalty Bonus action allows you to create up to 5 tiers, and for each tier you can set:

  • How many of your campaigns users need to have previously entered to reach the tier.
  • How many entries users will be awarded for reaching the tier.

The user must be logged in to the widget in order to unlock the bonus entries.

Validation: Automatic

Admin View

You can set how many actions must first be unlocked before a Loyalty Bonus entry can be unlocked. This is a great way to incentivize users to complete more actions.

For each loyalty tier you can set the required number of campaigns to reach the tier and how many entries reaching the tier is worth.

Admin view for Loyalty Bonus action on Gleam

In the example above users who have previously entered 1 campaign will be awarded 1 bonus entry, and users who have previously entered 2 or more campaigns will be awarded an additional 5 entries which will bring their total Loyalty Bonus entries to 6.

Public View

Once users have logged in they can simply click each tier that they have unlocked to recieve their entries. To recieve every Loyalty Bonus entry they are eligible for users will need to individually click on each tier that they have reached.

Loyalty Bonus action with 2 tiers

For example, if a user has unlocked 2 tiers of a Loyalty Bonus they will need to click both the 1st and 2nd tier to get every entry that they're eligible to receive.

Loyalty Bonus FAQ

How Many Loyalty Tiers Can You Create?

Each Loyalty Bonus action permits you to create up to 5 Loyalty Tiers.

The number of campaigns required to unlock each tier, and the number of bonus entries awarded to users who reach each tier is entirely up to you.

Create up to 5 loyalty tiers for each Loyalty Bonus action

Do Entries Into Active Campaigns Count Towards Loyalty Bonuses?

Entries into any of your previous campaigns, as well as any campaigns you are actively running will count towards earning Loyalty Bonuses.

This makes Loyalty Bonuses perfect for encouraging users to enter your campaigns on a regular basis, and even go out and enter any other campaigns you're currently running.

If you want to incentivise users to enter another active campaign you can also use our Promote Action to award entries to users who participate in a designated campaign.

Do Competition & Rewards Entries Count Towards Loyalty Bonuses?

If you have run Competitions and Rewards Campaigns with Gleam then the Loyalty Bonus action will count the total number of Competitions and Rewards campaigns users have entered to determine their loyalty tier.

For example, if you're running a Competition with a Loyalty Bonus action that awards 5 entries to users who have entered 2 or more campaigns then users will be eligible to unlock the bonus if they have previously entered at least one of these campaign combinations:

  • 2 Competitions
  • 2 Rewards Campaigns
  • 1 Competition & 1 Rewards Campaign