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This documentation covers the actions that we support via Messenger, which allow you to connect your Gleam entrants to Meta Messenger and engage in automated chat marketing.

This documentation covers the actions and integrations that we support from Messenger.

Applications that support Messenger actions:

Subscribe On Messenger

The Subscribe On Messenger action allows you to ask users to subscribe to you on Messenger to receive relevant updates and personalised messages through Messenger chat.

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When setting up this action, you will need to connect your Facebook account to Gleam so we can access the pages you moderate. Once logged in, you'll be able to choose the Facebook Page you would like to connect users to.

If Require auth is enabled, we'll require your users to login through their Facebook account before they complete the action.

You also have the option to send users a confirmation message once they have completed the action. We recommend using this message to tag users with an automation keyword which you can use to continue further messaging through your preferred Messenger chat bot.

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Can I send users promotional content on Messenger?

Yes, you can send both promotional and non-promotional content to Messenger subscribers in the first 24 hours of their subscription. Once 24 hours have elapsed, you'll have to wait until a user interacts with you again to restart the 24-hour window.

Should I message users with a message tag or use a One-Time Notification token outside of the 24-hour window?

When your campaign ends, you may want to send subscribers a notification or reminder which falls outside of the 24-hour messaging window based on Messenger's policy. We recommend sending campaign notifications using the CONFIRMED_EVENT_UPDATE message tag.

If you made changes to your campaign halfway and want to send users an update on Messenger, you can use the same message tag, bearing in mind that it's good practice to once again get consent from subscribers to message them when your campaign ends.

We discourage the use of One-Time Notification tokens for campaign entry confirmation because Messenger's policy state that you cannot incentivise opt-ins for One-Time Notifications. That being said, you should be able to use the One-Time Notification token to ask users if they are interested in opting in for upcoming campaigns outside of the entry confirmation scenario.

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Patreon Actions

This documentation covers the actions that we support via Patreon.